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State Exchange on Employment and Disability (SEED)

NCSL serves as a partner on the State Exchange on Employment and Disability (SEED)—an effort launched by the federal Office of Disability Employment Policy to work with state policymaker membership organizations on disability employment policy.

SEED looks to states as leaders in creating innovative policies that remove barriers to employment and increase access to work for the millions of Americans living with disabilities. SEED equips states with timely data, sample policy options, state examples, and technical assistance support that ensure state-level policy critical to employment success—such as workforce development, economic opportunity, transportation and technology—is disability inclusive.

Latest Developments from NCSL

Agency Clarifies Stance on Employer Vaccine Mandates

As COVID-19 vaccines roll out across the country, some employers are requiring that employees receive one as a condition of employment. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently revised its answers to key employer questions about vaccine mandates.

Accessible Transportation State Legislative Update

State legislatures continue to adopt laws and programs that assess accessibility practices and provide mobility options. In the past few years, legislatures have focused on policies related to transportation accessibility offices, coordinating councils and more.

COVID-19 and Employment for People With Disabilities

NCSL's new report series tackles critical ways COVID-19 is impacting people with disabilities. Each report provides policymakers with resources to navigate the various federal actions in response to the pandemic as well as state policy options available to lawmakers to help enhance employment opportunities for people with disabilities. 

Employers Seek Telework Policies That Embrace Needs of All Employees

For people with disabilities and other workers who may benefit from additional flexibility, the transition to telework offers opportunity. However, as more employers embrace telework, new or existing policies should take into consideration the needs of all employees. NCSL's State Legislatures magazine explores emerging trends in telework brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Work Matters

“Work Matters: A Framework for States on Workforce Development for People with Disabilities” represents the culmination of a yearlong joint task force effort by state policymakers convened by NCSL and CSG to address barriers to employment and develop policy solutions to build a thriving workforce that is disability inclusive. Through the work of the task force, state legislators, legislative staff and state executive branch officials explored the causes of these barriers and devised bipartisan policy options supporting increased employment access and opportunity for people with disabilities.

Five Policy Categories

This state-led, member-driven task force process resulted in the development of the Work Matters framework, composed of 13 major policy options organized into five policy categories below: 

State Legislation Database

NCSL’s Disability Employment Database provides current information on legislative efforts in the states and territories targeting disability employment issues and related disability issues.

Additional SEED Resources