Results-Driven Governing



Principles of Evidence-Informed Policymaking

“The ABCs of Evidence-Informed Policymaking” highlights the seven principles of evidence-informed policymaking from defining key terms to embedding evidence into state budgeting.


Research and Publications

Using evidence to inform policy decisions can help policymakers invest wisely and achieve meaningful results. Click here to see the latest research and publications from NCSL’s Center for Results-Driven Governing.


Using Evidence and Data to Make Strategic Budget Decisions

The role of data- and research-driven decision-making is particularly crucial in times of lower revenues and budget deficits. This brief outlines six key questions legislators and legislative staff can ask to assess how data is being collected and used to inform budget decisions. 


Results-Driven Governing Q&A Series

In this Q&A, Alabama Senator Arthur Orr explains how engaging the executive branch and mentoring legislators are helping to build a culture of evidence-based policymaking in Alabama.