Results-Driven Governing


Data and a magnifying glass

Data-Driven Decision-Making: From Rhetoric to Results

Many states are using data to make policy decisions. Find out through a bi-partisan lens what some states are doing to refine their approach to data-driven governing.


New Governing for Results Network Homepage

Visit the new homepage of the 11-state Governing for Results Network. Read how the network fosters peer learning and the exchange of insights and best practices to advance states' use of evidence-informed policymaking. The site features results-driven approaches taken in network states along with relevant resources. 



Labor and Employment


Principles of Evidence-Informed Policymaking

“The ABCs of Evidence-Informed Policymaking” highlights the seven principles of evidence-informed policymaking from defining key terms to embedding evidence into state budgeting.


NCSL Resources for Investing in Workforce Solutions

The American Rescue Plan created opportunities for states to invest in evidence-based workforce solutions. This NCSL article documents ways states can utilize these funds and reviews resources available through NCSL.


Research and Publications

Using evidence to inform policy decisions can help policymakers invest wisely and achieve meaningful results. Click here to see the latest research and publications from NCSL’s Center for Results-Driven Governing.


In Legislator's Words: Q&A Series

Three state legislators from Alabama, Oregon and Utah share their insights, lessons learned and steps taken to advance evidence-based practices and decision-making in their states.