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State Legislatures Magazine Articles

What if states could jump-start economic recovery while simultaneously helping to reduce economic inequality among residents? For policymakers working to address both immediate concerns, the Year Up program provides an evidence-backed model for consideration. 

Labor & Employment: State Legislatures Magazine | Feb. 11, 2021

Criminal justice reform is sweeping the country and good data is key to its success. By analyzing state data, lawmakers are discovering what’s driving costs, where inequities exist in the system and how to identify who is incarcerated, how long they’ve been in and whether they should be there.

Criminal Justice: State Legislatures Magazine | July 31, 2020

In an era when so many have what amounts to a Google degree in COVID-19, state and local policymakers are showing how data and research offer both an antidote to misinformation and a path forward. This magazine article highlights questions policymakers can consider asking to test the merits of evidence and decide how to use it.

Labor & Employment: State Legislatures Magazine | May 11, 2020

Legislators and legislative staff often turn to clearinghouses, or directories, to understand the research behind programs and policies. This article explains how research clearinghouses, such as the Results First clearinghouse, can hope policymakers and others quickly can see if a program is broadly viewed as effective.

Labor & Employment: State Legislatures Magazine | May 8, 2020

Often, lawmakers will claim they have evidence to support a policy but rarely do we stop and ask them to define how exactly they are using the term. In some states, evidence is statutorily defined. Read this article to learn five questions you can ask to help test claims of evidence.

Labor & Employment: Articles/Briefs/Newsletters | Nov. 20, 2019

NCSL Blog Posts

For the millions of U.S. workers experiencing an injury, illness or change in disability status every year, a rapid and supportive return to work is key to staying connected to the workforce. This NCSL blog highlights state policies for strengthening employee ties to their work and the labor force.

Labor & Employment: Blog | Sept. 8, 2020

For policymakers facing staggering job losses from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, one state’s successful re-employment strategy may offer a template for moving forward. Read this blog to learn about Nevada’s Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment (REA) Program’s sizable and lasting earnings gains for individuals seeking unemployment insurance compensation.

Labor & Employment: Articles/Briefs/Newsletters | July 6, 2020

NCSL’s workgroup of state legislators, executive officials, senior legislative and executive branch staff met on May 15 for the third time since its first meeting at NCSL’s Capitol Forum last December. Learn about the group’s work, which includes identifying the seven principles of evidence-informed policymaking and advising NCSL on the launch of its new center for evidence-informed policymaking.

Labor & Employment: Articles/Briefs/Newsletters | June 16, 2020

Read about the inaugural convening of NCSL’s Evidence-Informed Policymaking Work Group, which met for the first time in late 2019. The bipartisan group members shared what has worked in their states to successfully implement an evidence-informed approach—and identified which factors have paved the way for policymakers to use high-quality research to inform their decisions. 

 Labor & Employment: Articles/Briefs/Newsletters | Dec. 20, 2019


Kristine Goodwin, director of NCSL’s Center on Evidence-Based Policymaking, and Iris Hentze, NCSL policy specialist, share best practices and ideas related to evidence-based policymaking.

Labor & Employment: Meetings | June 26, 2020