Podcast: Policies to Encourage Savings 

By Meagan Dorsch
November 2011

Saving money for future emergencies can be difficult. Research shows that 25 percent of Americans have no savings. One way people can save is to commit part of their federal tax refund to a savings account or U.S. savings bond. Many taxpayers, however, are unaware of these options.

In this edition of The Buzz at State Legislatures Qiana Flores of the NCSL Working Families Partnership talks about split refunds and the purchase of US Savings bonds at tax time as low-cost policies to encourage savings. The option to deposit federal tax refunds directly into as many as three different accounts was introduced by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in tax season 2007. In 2010, the IRS allowed taxpayers to buy inflation-protected U.S. savings bonds with their federal tax refunds.

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