Workforce Development


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2020 Workforce Development Enactments 

Although legislators were mired by urgent legislation in response to the ongoing pandemic in 2020, many states enacted both substantive and fiscal legislation relating to workforce development. Learn more about the bills covering a range of topics, from establishing workforce development programs to appropriations for existing and related programs. 


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Apprenticeships: A Path to Working in a Licensed Occupation

Occupational licensing and apprenticeships each represent a distinct, yet often intertwined pathway to highly skilled jobs. Learn how these major labor market institutions can work together.



Workforce Development


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Boosting America's Rural Workforce

State policymakers are experimenting with a variety of different solutions to keep rural communities and economies thriving. Whether more traditional tax incentives offered to businesses who relocate to rural areas or the novel student loan repayment programs doctors and nurses moving to rural areas can take advantage of, policymakers are working to attract new residents to the rural areas of their state.


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NCSL Blog: National Apprenticeship Week

Every November, The U.S. Department of Labor this week recognizes apprentices, apprenticeships, employers, and other partners with National Apprenticeship Week (NAW).


Healthcare Workforce Development During COVID-19

As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic states are facing an unprecedented demand for health care workers. To respond to current soaring demand, and to get ahead of long-term health workforce needs, states are pursuing a variety of actions.