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Legislative Trends in Apprenticeship Policy

NCSL staff in the Employment, Labor & Retirement Program contributed a chapter to Skilling Up: The Scope of Modern Apprenticeship. In addition to covering policy options, the broader publication offers chapters focusing on partnerships between apprenticeship programs and businesses, the use of apprenticeship models in educational institutions and providing apprenticeship opportunities for underserved communities.


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2019 Workforce Development Enactments

In 2019, trends in workforce development policy included legislation reviewing or restructuring state workforce systems, targeting specific groups who may benefit most from workforce programs such as individuals with criminal records and veterans, incentives for businesses and individuals and apprenticeship programs.

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Boosting America's Rural Workforce

State policymakers are experimenting with a variety of different solutions to keep rural communities and economies thriving. Whether more traditional tax incentives offered to businesses who relocate to rural areas or the novel student loan repayment programs doctors and nurses moving to rural areas can take advantage of, policymakers are working to attract new residents to the rural areas of their state.


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NCSL Blog: State Apprenticeship Legislation in 2019

Apprenticeship programs were a major part of workforce development legislation in 2019. Informed by a need for skilled workers in in-demand industries, states continue to explore how apprenticeships can help drive local economies and increase workforce talent.