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Occupational Licensing


Occupational Licensing Final Report: Accessing State Policies and Practices

NCSL, NGA and CSG are wrapping up their four-year project designed to help policymakers better understand the variances in occupational licensing laws and the challenges they present. Learn about the policy and regulatory actions the 16 consortium states have taken as well as lessons learned along the way in this new report. 


The National Occupational Licensing Database

The National Occupational Licensing Database contains licensing data for 30-plus occupations across all 50 states, including education requirements, experience requirements, fee information and more for licensure.


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Occupational Licensing Legislative Database

This database contains legislation from all 50 states covering 34 distinct occupations and also contains legislation on occupational licensure laws more generally, including bills impacting the  four population groups that have been identified as being disproportiantely impacted by licensure-related barriers to labor market entry.