Labor and Employment


December State Unemployment Rates

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment rates were lower in December in 11 states, higher in four states, and stable in 35 states and the District of Columbia.


Data Gaps in Disability Employment

As states look to increase the number of people with disabilities employed in the public sector, many policymakers are recognizing the need to collect disability-related employment data. 

NCSL Redistricting Seminar


Labor and Employment


work and disabilities

Work Matters

"Work Matters: A Framework for States on Workforce Development for People with Disabilities" is the result of a year-long joint task force effort of state policymakers to address employment barriers and develop policy solutions.


occupational licensing

Occupational Licensing

Occupational licensure is a form of government regulation that requires a worker to hold a credential to practice or operate in a certain occupation. Find out more about our Occupational Licensing Project. 


Standing Committee

NCSL's Standing Committee on Labor and Economic Development considers issues related to job growth, economic development, unemployment, labor and international trade.


legislative summit and nashville

Labor at Summit

Check out all of the resources from the Labor and Economic Development sessions that took place at the 2019 Legislative Summit in Nashville, Tenn. Topics covered included workforce development, the military and international trade.