Labor and Employment



Assessing State Policies and Practices in Occupational Licensing

NCSL, NGA and CSG's multi-year project is designed to help policymakers better understand the variances in occupational licensing laws and the challenges they present. Learn about actions the 16 consortium states have taken and lessons learned along the way.


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Workforce Participation Shortages

As economies face an ongoing gap between job openings and workers to fill them, states have policy options to engage new workers and strengthen their workforces. NCSL has developed some new resources to help states navigate this workforce participation crisis.



Labor and Employment


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Investing in What Works

NCSL’s new three-part “Investing in What Works” series explores options for states and territories to use American Rescue Plan (ARPA) funds to build a strong workforce through evidence-based values.


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The Gender Pay Gap

This resouce expores some of the existing research on the gender pay gap, including some of the policy solutions states have pursued in recent years to address it and how the COVID-19 pandemic may be impacting pay equity.


Standing Committee

NCSL's Standing Committee on Labor and Economic Development considers issues related to job growth, economic development, unemployment, labor and international trade.


NCSL LegisBrief

2021 Workforce Development Enactments

Learn more about the trends and bills focusing on workforce development in 2021. Enacted legislation covers a range of topics, from establishing workforce development programs to promoting industries with worker shortages. 


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Occupational Licensing

Occupational licensure is a form of government regulation that requires a worker to hold a credential to practice or operate in a certain occupation. Find out more about our Occupational Licensing Project.