Legislative Trends in Apprenticeship Policy


Today, states use apprenticeships to help build a qualified workforce prepared for 21st-century jobs. Apprenticeships, as a policy approach, involve many stakeholders and government agencies that coordinate and implement these programs.

NCSL staff in the Employment, Labor and Retirement Program contributed a chapter to "Skilling Up: The Scope of Modern Apprenticeship," a joint project of the Kentucky Education & Workforce Development Cabinet and the Urban Institute.

The chapter, co-authored by Chelsea Canada, Loryn Cesario and Iris Hentze, provides a brief history of apprenticeships in the United States, recent state policy addressing apprenticeships and federal actions expanding apprenticeship opportunities.

In addition to covering policy options, the broader publication offers chapters focusing on partnerships between apprenticeship programs and businesses, the use of apprenticeship models in educational institutions and providing apprenticeship opportunities for underserved communities.

Loryn Cesario is a policy associate in the Employment, Labor & Retirement Program.

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