StateStats: How are the Kids?

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Released December 2012

By Mary Fairchild

Anyone following the news has heard that more American children are living in poverty now than in 2000. What they may not know, however, is that although economic conditions have worsened, children are experiencing better health and are doing better in school.

Fewer children lack health insurance, fewer teenagers are abusing alcohol or drugs, and more kids are attending preschool and graduating on time than did 10 years ago.

On the down side, more children have parents who lack secure employment and struggle with high housing costs, and more teenagers are neither in school nor working.

These findings by the Annie E. Casey Foundation are based on 16 indicators in four areas: economic well-being, education, health, and family and community. 

An Up-and-Down World for Kids

Children’s lives have changed over the last decade, for better and for worse. The red arrows indicate conditions that worsened (measured by the percentage increase of children experiencing them), while the green arrows show factors in children’s lives that improved.  Read Full Article