COVID-19 Workforce and Labor Issues


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With directives to limit the amount of people who can gather at any time, many companies have taken steps to protect their employees and curb the spread of the virus. Other industries, though, like airlines, hotels, food and beverage and others dependent on tourism, are announcing massive layoffs. Our NCSL experts will address critical topics like paid leave, workers' compensation, telework policies and emergency licensing issues.

COVID-19: Workforce and Labor Issues | PDF


  • Laura Tobler, division director, State Policy Research, NCSL
  • Jon Jukuri, federal affairs counsel, Labor & Economic Development, NCSL
  • Zach Herman, policy associate, Emplyment, Labor & Retirement, NCSL
  • Michele Evermore, senior policy analyst, National Employment Law Project
  • Jackson Brainerd, senior policy specialist, Fiscal Affairs, NCSL