2014 Prevailing Wage Enacted Legislation


2014 Enacted Prevailing Wage Legislation

Ten states passed legislation during the 2014 session related to prevailing wage laws. Prevailing wages are required for certain construction-related jobs on publicly-funded public works projects, such as building or repairing roads, bridges, schools or other public buildings.

The specific wages are determined by comparing local wages for similar jobs. For more information, visit our prevailing wage resource page.

2014 Enacted Legislation


CA A 26  Title: Construction: Prevailing Wage
Summary: Revises the definition for construction to include post-construction phases and cleanup work at the jobsite, for purposes of the requirements in existing law regarding the payment of prevailing wages on public works construction, alteration, demolition, installation, or repair work done under contract and paid in whole or in part out of public funds. Status: Signed by Governor. 09/30/2014 Chaptered by Secretary of State. Chapter No. 864.

CA A 1870  Title: Public Works: Prevailing Wage: Apprenticeship Program
Summary: Amends an existing law which requires a contractor to whom a contract is awarded and who employs journeymen or apprentices to contribute to the State Apprenticeship Council an amount equal to the prevailing amount of apprenticeship training contributions in the area of the public works site. Relates to the award of certain grants in cases where there are two or more approved multiemployer apprenticeship programs serving the same craft or trade. Status: Signed by Governor. 09/30/2014 Chaptered by Secretary of State. Chapter No. 890.

CA A 1939  Title: Public Works: Prevailing Wages: Contractor's Costs
Summary: Relates to public works and the prevailing wage. Authorizes a contractor to bring an action to recover from the hiring party, that the contractor directly contracts with, any increased costs, including labor costs, penalties, and legal fees incurred as a result of any decision by the Department of Industrial Relations, the Labor and Workforce Development Agency or a court that classifies that the work covered by the project is a public work. Provides exception circumstances. Status: Signed by Governor. 07/21/2014 Chaptered by Secretary of State. Chapter No. 161.

CA A 2272  Title: Public Works: Prevailing Wage
Summary: Relates to the prevailing wage. Revises the definition of public works to also include infrastructure grants from the California Advanced Services Fund. Specifies that for purposes of this provision, the Public Utilities Commission is not the awarding body or body awarding the contract. Status: Signed by Governor. 09/30/2014 Chaptered by Secretary of State. Chapter No. 900.

CA S 266  Title: Prevailing Wages
Summary: Requires the body awarding a contract for public work to furnish a copy of the valid notice of completion for the public work or a document evidencing the awarding body's acceptance of the public work on a particular date, whichever occurs later. Requires that body to notify the Labor Commissioner if there has been no valid notice of completion filed, and no document evidencing the acceptance of the public work on a particular date. Requires civil wage assessments until an applicable document is received. Status: Signed by Governor. 09/30/2014 Chaptered by Secretary of State. Chapter No. 916.


CT S 318  Title: Electronic Prevailing Wage Notices
Summary: Concerns electronic prevailing wage notices, information and records; permits employers of personnel pursuant to a public works related contract to maintain certain prevailing wage notices, information and records electronically and to submit by electronic mail a certified payroll. Status: Signed by Governor. 05/28/2014 Public Act No. 14-44.


HI H 2413  Title: Prevailing Wage
Summary: Applies provisions relating to prevailing wages for public construction work to public-private partnerships. Status: Signed by Governor. 07/07/2014 Act No. 2014-216.

HI S 2260  Title: Third Violation of Failure to Pay Public Works Wages
Summary: Provides a suspension period for a third violation by a person or firm who fails to pay the prevailing wage under a public works contract; increases penalty for interference or delay of any investigation by the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations or the governmental contracting agency. Status: Signed by Governor. 06/24/2014 Act No. 2014-130.


IL H 5606  Title: Prevailing Wage Act
Summary: Amends the Prevailing Wage Act; provides that the term public works does not include work done for purposes of soil and water conservation, whether or not done under public supervision or paid for wholly or in part out of public funds, and performed directly by an owner or person who has legal control on agricultural lands. Status: Signed by Governor. 07/16/2014 Public Act No. 740.


MD H 727  Title: Procurement Prevailing Wage Applicability
Summary: Specifies the percentage of state money that must be used in an elementary or a secondary school construction project before the Prevailing Wage Law applies, by altering definitions. Status: Signed by Governor. 05/05/2014 Chapter No. 282.

MD S 232  Title: Prevailing Wage Applicability
Summary: Specifies the percentage of state money that must be used in an elementary or a secondary school construction projects before the Prevailing Wage Law applies by altering a definition; relates to state finance and procurement. Status: Signed by Governor. 05/05/2014 Chapter No. 281.


MA S 873  Title: Private Construction Contracts
Summary: Promotes fairness in private construction contracts; relates to a project by an agency, executive office, department, board, commission, bureau, division, municipality or subdivision; requires the weekly submission to the awarding authority of certified payroll records accompanied by a statement signed by the employer that indicates the records are correct and the rate of wages paid for the work of a mechanic, apprentice, teamsters, chauffeurs, and laborers. Status: Signed by Governor. 03/26/2014 Chapter No. 58-2014.


MN H 3084  Title: Transportation
Summary: Relates to transportation; eliminates job and wage reporting requirements for Department of Transportation state-aid projects valued under a specified dollar amount; eliminates or modernizes antiquated, unnecessary, redundant, and obsolete provisions; relates to state-aid project reporting, passenger rail projects, reports, government contracts, permit fees and carrier rules. Status: Signed by Governor. 05/09/2014 Filed with Secretary of State. Chapter No. 227.


MS H 532  Title: Commissioner of Insurance
Summary: Authorizes the Commissioner of Insurance to employ persons with specialized skills; includes a clerk, actuary and stenographer; allows the State Personnel Board to pay those persons based on prevailing wages, but not in excess of the salary of the deputy commissioner. Status: 03/17/2014 Became law without Governor's signature, 07/21/2014 Chapter No. 396.

MS H 928  Title: Public Records Limit Cost
Summary: Provides that staff time or contractual services included in actual cost of providing records shall be at the pay scale of the lowest level employee or contractor competent to respond to the request; provides a civil penalty against any person who charges an unreasonable fee for providing a public record. Status: Signed by Governor. 07/22/2014 Chapter No. 416.


MO H 1594  Title: Public Works Projects Volunteer Labor
Summary: Specifies that a workman on a public works project who agrees in writing to volunteer his or her labor without pay must not be deemed to be employed on the project and cannot be entitled to the prevailing wage hourly rate of wages; provides that an employer must not force, compel, or intimidate an employee from performing work for which the employee otherwise would be paid a prevailing wage. Status: 07/02/2014 Signed by Governor.


WA H 1254  Title: Prevailing Wage Filings
Summary: Prohibits the State Department of Labor and Industries from charging a fee to certify an affidavit of wages paid if, at the time an individual or entity files an affidavit of wages paid, the individual or entity is exempt from the requirement to pay the prevailing rate of wage. Status: Signed by Governor. 04/01/2014 Chapter No. 148.

Source: StateNet bill tracking year-end search, 11-17-15.