2014 Child Labor Enacted Legislation


2014 Enacted Legislation on Child Labor

During the 2014 legislative session, 11 states and Puerto Rico enacted or amended laws related to the employment of minors. State and federal laws on child labor seek to protect minors by prohibiting work in dangerous occupations, limiting their work hours, and ensuring their attendance at school.


CA A 1680  Title: Child Performer Services Permit
Summary: Requires any person with a valid Child Performer Services Permit to include the permit number on advertising in print or electronic media, including, but not limited to, Internet web sites, or in any other medium of advertising. Status: Signed by Governor. 08/21/2014 Chaptered by Secretary of State. Chapter No. 232.

CA A 2288  Title: Child Labor Protection Act of 2014
Summary: Authorizes treble damages to an individual who was discriminated against in the terms or conditions of his or her employment because he or she filed a claim or civil action alleging a violation of employment laws that arose while the individual was a minor. Status: Signed by Governor. 07/08/2014 Chaptered by Secretary of State. Chapter No. 96.


FL H 989  Title: Human Trafficking
Summary: Prohibits buying and selling children into prostitution; provides for confidentiality of court records concerning offenses involving human trafficking and children; provides that victims of human trafficking are eligible for crime victim compensation awards and financial relocation assistance; prohibits employment of minors in adult theaters; revises penalties and statute of limitations for prosecution. Status: Signed by Governor. 06/17/2014 Filed as Chapter No. 2014-160.


IN H 1083  Title: Child Labor Law
Summary: Provides that a legal entity standing in place of the parent of an employed child is not subject to certain provisions of the child labor law; allows hazardous work on a farm by a minor under certain circumstances; provides that unemployment benefit requests are not considered a claim from any special insurance plan or an employer but a request for benefits from the unemployment insurance benefit trust fund; relates to severance pay and private unemployment benefits. Status: Signed by Governor. 03/31/2014 Public Law No. 121.


LA H 1076  Title: Collecting and Sharing Student Information
Summary: Provides for limitations and prohibitions on the collection and sharing of student information; provides penalties for violations; provides for access by parents and specified others to certain student information stored in public school computer systems; provides for student identification numbers; relates to medical records and employment data. Status: Signed by Governor. 06/23/2014 Act No. 837.


ME H 1357  Title: Special Restricted Licenses
Summary: Relates to a special restricted driver’s license issued to a person who is 15 years of age based on educational need or employment need; provides for examinations, physician statement, minimum hours of driving and filing of applications. Status: Signed by Governor. 05/12/2014 Public Law No. 606.


MD H 467  Title: Labor and Employment
Summary: Repeals certain provisions of law regarding the issuance of a work permit by the Commissioner of Labor and Industry or a county superintendent of schools; authorizes a parent or guardian of a minor to apply for a work permit by completing an online form. Status: Signed by Governor. 04/08/2014 Chapter No. 100.

MD H 811  Title: Education Summer Career Academy Program
Summary: Establishes the Summer Career Academy Pilot Program to provide students in obtaining workforce skills and training through summer employment; requires the development of criteria for the program by the State Department of Education; prohibits a school system from participating in the program more than once; provides for funding for the program. Status: Signed by Governor. 05/15/2014 Chapter No. 569.

MD S 876  Title: Summer Career Academy Pilot Program
Summary: Establishes the Summer Career Academy Pilot Program to provide students interested in obtaining workforce skills and training and who are struggling academically to meet graduation requirements an opportunity to advance the skills of the state’s workforce during summer employment and to grow the state's economy; provides that after a student has completed the program they may choose to receive a completion grant or scholarship toward the cost of tuition at an institution of higher education. Status: Signed by Governor. 05/15/2014 Chapter No. 568.


MI H 4656  Title: Youth Employment
Summary: Expands exemption from the youth employment standards act to include 16-year-olds who obtain a high school equivalency certificate. Status: Signed by Governor. 06/03/2014 Public Act No. 144.


NY S 7344  Title: Summer Youth Employment Program
Summary: Requires any youth participating in the summer youth employment program to be provided with financial literacy education; provides the financial literacy education shall be developed in accordance with the standards and best practices of currently operating summer youth employment programs or other similar models used by local government in coordination with nonprofit organizations or financial institutions. Status: Signed by Governor. 10/21/2014 Chapter No. 421.


OH H 107  Title: High School Student Internship Business Tax Credit
Summary: Authorizes a grant for businesses that employ qualified high school students in career exploration internships; makes an appropriation to qualified businesses; includes a sole proprietorship, a corporation for profit, or a pass-through entity; includes home-schooled students; requires a signed statement from the pupil's principal or guidance counselor acknowledging that the employment opportunity qualifies as a career exploration internship. Status: Signed by Governor. 03/26/2014 Session Law No. 77.


PR S 384  Title: Local Legislation
Summary: Establishes the First Program Youth Employment Opportunity of Puerto Rico, attached to the Department of Labor and Human Resources in order to provide employment for young people who have completed a university degree and are seeking to join the Puerto Rican labor force. Status: Signed by Governor. 03/07/2014 Law Number 36-2014.

PR S 758  Title: Child Welfare and Protection Act Amendment
Summary: Amends the Security Act of Child Welfare and Protection; adds a new paragraph designating less severe criminalization of the use of children 14 years of age or under to make collections, participate in fundraising marathons, or sell items on the public highways, at intersections and on the islands of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Status: Signed by Governor. 09/19/2014 Law Number 162-2014.


RI H 7929  Title: Employment Security
Summary: Relates to employment security; provides that employment shall not include services performed by owners, employment of minors by family, or partners or members of a LLC filing as a sole proprietorship. Status: Signed by Governor. 06/30/2014 Public Law No. 2014-203.


SD H 1132  Title: Education
Summary: Makes a minor's school calendar the reference point from which to permit employment that would not interfere with the minor's education; relates to employment in a factory, workshop or mercantile establishment. Status: Signed by Governor. 09/25/2014 Session Law. Chapter No. 247.

Source: StateNet bill tracking year end search, 11-17-14.