2013 Enacted Workers Compensation Legislation


stethescope and medical formLegislatures in 39 states and Puerto Rico enacted workers compensation revisions during the 2013 legislative session. Provisions included:

  • Extension of workers compensation coverage to volunteer emergency services workers
  • Revision of appeals procedures
  • Electronic payment of benefits
  • Expanding occupational disease coverage for police and firefighters


AZ S 1148 - A worker employed in the state, who leaves the state temporarily for work incidental to that employment, and receives a job-related injury, is entitled to workers' compensation benefits. 04/04/2013 - Chapter No. 34

AZ S 1310 - Requires the publication of a report on the Special Fund for Workers' Compensation. 05/02/2013 - Chapter No. 183


AR S 802 - Provides that an owner-operator of a commercial motor vehicle providing the services of one or more drivers to a motor carrier under a written contract is not an employee of the motor carrier but is an independent contractor, clarifies that the motor carrier is not responsible for workers compensation coverage. 04/12/2013 - Act No. 1166

AR H 1529 - Provides that investigators employed by the Workers' Compensation Fraud Investigation Unit of the State Insurance Department shall be certified law enforcement officers and have statewide law enforcement jurisdiction and authority. 04/08/2013 - Act No. 984


CA S 146 - Amends provisions regarding workers' compensation medical services billing and pharmacy payment requests. 08/19/2013 - Chaptered by Secretary of State. Chapter No. 146

CA S 251 - Authorizes notices regarding workers' compensation to be provided by electronic transmission. 09/26/2013 - Chaptered by Secretary of State. Chapter No. 369

CA S 375 – Corrects erroneous cross-references in the workers compensation law. 09/09/2013 - Chaptered by Secretary of State. Chapter No. 287

CA A 383 - Makes nonsubstantive code maintenance changes in provisions of various laws, including workers' compensation. 08/12/2013 - Chaptered by Secretary of State. Chapter No. 76

CA S 527 - Adds lifeguards and employees of the city of San Diego to public employees who are entitled to a leave of absence without loss of salary while disabled by injury or illness arising out of the course of employment. 07/11/2013 - Chaptered by Secretary of State. Chapter No. 66

CA A 1309 - Exempts out-of-state professional athletes employed at the minor or major league level from the occupational disease and cumulative injury provisions of the workers' compensation laws. 10/08/2013 - Chaptered by Secretary of State. Chapter No. 653

CA A 1376 - Relates to the services of an interpreter during medical treatment appointments for workers' compensation cases. 10/13/2013 - Chaptered by Secretary of State. Chapter No. 793

CA A 1394 - Authorizes the board of directors of the State Compensation Insurance Fund to appoint a chief medical officer, a chief actuarial officer, a chief claims operations officer, and a chief of internal affairs. 09/09/2013 - Chaptered by Secretary of State. Chapter No. 309


CO S 129 - Modifies state audit review requirements for the Division of Workers' Compensation. 05/30/2013 - Session Law Chaptered. Chapter No. 284

CO S 147 - Establishes that a buyer of goods is not liable as an employer when a lessee or contractor delivering such goods is injured while not on the buyer’s premises. 06/07/2013 - Session Law Chaptered. Chapter No. 389

CO S 249 - Regards independent medical examiners' reports in workers' compensation cases and requires disclosures regarding physician relationships with insurers, self-insured employers, or claimants. 05/29/2013 - Session Law Chaptered. Chapter No. 267

CO S 285 - Provides that an employer who receives notice of injury and fails to furnish medical treatment to the injured worker shall reimburse the worker, or their health insurer or governmental health program, for the costs of the treatment and disability payments. 05/30/2013 - Session Law Chaptered. Chapter No. 301

CO H 1025 - Increases the amount of the authorized deductible to the amount of the workers' compensation insurance rate split point approved by the Commissioner of Insurance. 05/15/2013 - Session Law Chaptered. Chapter No. 140

CO H 1126 - Adjusts statutorily established time intervals for workers compensation legal proceedings to 7-day periods or periods that are multiples of 7 days to avoid actions being due on weekends. 03/25/2013 - Session Law Chaptered. Chapter No. 58


DE HJR 3 - Establishes a task force to study the workers' compensation system and make recommendations to the Governor and General Assembly. 01/30/2013 - Signed by Governor.

DE H 175 - Implements the legislative recommendations of the Workers' Compensation Task Force, including expanded data collection, medical cost controls, return-to-work options, utilization review, workplace safety programs, and rate-setting processes. 06/27/2013 - Chapter Number 55


FL H 157 - Provides for the electronic delivery of insurance policies, including workers compensation. 06/17/2013 - Filed as Chapter No. 2013-190

FL H 217 - Requires check cashing businesses to collect and submit certain transaction information, including a business payee's workers' compensation insurance policy number,. 06/10/2013 - Filed as Chapter No. 2013-139

FL H 553 - Makes numerous administrative changes to the workers' compensation law, including health care provider requirements and responsibilities, reimbursement disputes, audit requirements, and carrier reporting requirements. 06/10/2013 - Filed as Chapter No. 2013-141

FL S 662 - Revises the amount of a reimbursement for repackaged or relabeled prescription medication and addresses dispensing requirements. 06/10/2013 - Filed as Chapter No. 2013-131

FL S 810 - Provides that wrap-up insurance policies may include workers' compensation claim deductibles equal to or greater than a specified amount if certain standards are met. 06/17/2013 - Filed as Chapter No. 2013-175

FL H 1191 - Requires captive insurance companies to insure risks only for members, submit risk management standards for approval and maintain a certain amount of capital and surplus in order to continue to write excess workers compensation policies. 06/17/2013 - Filed as Chapter No. 2013-209


GA H 154 - Revises provisions relating to awards and benefits of workers' compensation, limits the period on medical benefits and increases the compensation benefits for total disability and temporary partial disability. 05/06/2013 - Act No. 203


HI H 152 - Increases the maximum allowable medical fees under workers' compensation to a percentage of the Medicare Resource Based Relative Value Scale. 06/14/2013 - Act No. 2013-97

HI H 921 - Affirms the authority and addresses the procedures of the labor and industrial relations appeals board. 04/16/2013 - Act No. 2013-14


ID H 82 - Provides that work experience students shall be covered by the Idaho higher education workers compensation policy. 03/12/2013 - Chaptered. Chapter No. 46

ID H 196 - Provides for an offset against the premium tax liability to the Industrial Administration Fund for an insurer that is exempt from the premium tax. 04/03/2013 - Chaptered. Chapter No. 265

ID S 1145 - Extends a temporary premium tax reduction to insurers. 04/03/2013 - Chaptered. Chapter No. 254


IL S 1847 - Provides that a rebuttable presumption that health conditions resulting from bloodborne pathogens, lung or respiratory diseases arise out of employment does not apply to emergency medical technicians and paramedics employed by a private employer engaged in medical transfers and non-emergency transfers. 08/09/2013 - Public Act No. 291

IL H 2408 - Authorizes the establishment of special funds outside of the State Treasury to receive the transfer of moneys from the Workers' Compensation Revolving Fund. 08/12/2013 - Public Act No. 307

IL H 3370 - Amends the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Act relating to claims under the Workers' Compensation Act or the Workers' Occupational Diseases Act. 07/15/2013 - Public Act No. 69

IL H 3390 - Amends the Workers' Compensation Act to require a determination of an employee's ability to read and communicate in English when a pro se petition for a lump sum settlement is considered. 06/28/2013 - Public Act No. 40


IN SR 85 - Urges the Legislative Council to assign to the Pension Management Oversight Commission the topic of disability benefits for municipal emergency medical services workers. 04/26/2013 - Passed Senate.

IN S 431 - Relates to Property and Casualty Guaranty Association; changes definitions, board composition and coverage under the Association. 04/15/2013 - Public Law No. 52-2013

IN H 1057 - Amends eligibility for permanent disability benefits and pension benefit provisions for disabled participants in the Prosecuting Attorneys Retirement Fund. 05/07/2013 - Public Law No. 160-2013

IN H 1320 - Specifies worker's compensation and occupational disease compensation payments to a medical service facility. 05/13/2013 - Public Law No. 275-2013

IN H 1325 - Provides that backfill employees serving as members of a mobile emergency support unit are considered temporary employees of the state for purposes of worker's compensation. 04/15/2013 - Public Law No. 71-2013


KY S 202 - Authorizes workers' compensation self-insured groups to contract and sue and be sued in the name adopted by the group. 03/21/2013 - Act No. 75


LA SCR 129 - Requests the medical advisory council within the office of workers' compensation administration to formulate guidelines to address injured workers' need for routine physician office visits and active therapy. 06/06/2013 - Senate concurred in House amendments.

LA H 410 -Extends the sunset date of the Workers' Compensation Second Injury Fund. 06/17/2013 - Act No. 314

LA H 450 - Provides treatment alternatives for cases in which there are conflicts with the medical director or cases in which the recommended treatment is not outlined specifically in the medical treatment guidelines. 06/17/2013 - Act No. 317

LA H 525 - Requires the state to provide workers' compensation and liability insurance coverage for participants engaged in work experience or community service activities for TANF recipients. 06/14/2013 - Act No. 285

LA H 728 -Relates to the choice of physician, medical examinations, benefits, hearing procedures, notice requirements, rehabilitation, and disputes. 06/17/2013 - Act No. 337


ME S 9 - Revises the Workers Compensation Act to include publishing of the average weekly wage, predetermination requests, employment rehabilitation, late filing of the first report of injury and appeals. 05/07/2013 - Public Law No. 63

ME S 176 - (Resolve) Directs the Workers' Compensation Board to study the issue of rotections for injured workers whose employers have wrongfully not secured workers' compensation coverage. 06/03/2013 - Resolve No. 40

ME S 245 - Adds equine activity to the definition of agriculture in the Workers' Compensation Law. 05/21/2013 - Public Law No. 111

ME S 255 - Provides flexibility to modify retention levels for self-insurance reinsurance accounts in response to medical inflation and other changes in circumstances with approval of the Superintendent of Insurance. 05/30/2013 - Public Law No. 172

ME S 327 - Allows for a proportional offset of pension and retirement benefits to apply to workers' compensation awards. 05/29/2013 - Public Law No. 152

ME H 422 - Repeals a requirement that the Superintendent of Insurance provide an annual report on workers' compensation insurance premium and loss costs data. 04/24/2013 - Public Law No. 52

ME S 483 - Gives an injured employee the right to choose the dispensing provider or pharmacy for medications prescribed to treat the injury or disease for which compensation is claimed; sets formulas for reimbursement of generic and brand-name medications. 05/29/2013 - Public Law No. 164

ME H 512 - Changes the criteria for an exemption for agricultural employers workers' compensation requirements. 05/08/2013 - Public Law No. 87

ME H 715 - Transfers registration of employee leasing companies from the Bureau of Insurance to the Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection but retains workers' compensation regulation in the Bureau of Insurance. 06/14/2013 - Public Law No. 257


MD S 65 - Provides that a copy of decisions by the Workers' Compensation Commission may be sent by electronic means to a party or the party's attorney of record under specified circumstances. 04/09/2013 - Chapter No. 16

MD S 139 - Allows a dentist, physician or podiatrist to dispense prescription drugs in treating a patient at a medical facility specializing in workers' compensation cases, without being licensed by the state board of pharmacy. 05/02/2013 - Chapter No. 184

MD S 313 - Adds Anne Arundel County deputy sheriffs to the definition of a public safety employee for purposes of establishing eligibility for enhanced workers' compensation benefits. 05/02/2013 - Chapter No. 225

MD H 472 – Addresses multiple unrelated issues; requires local governments to file a certificate of compliance with the Maryland Workers Compensation Act. . 04/09/2013 - Chapter No. 119

MD H 1205 - Requires the state Insurance Administration to study methods to establish and properly regulate a captive insurer industry in the state. 05/02/2013 - Chapter No. 407

MD H 1330 - Requires employers to comply with worker's compensation insurance coverage requirements and establishes penalties for failure to do so. 05/16/2013 - Chapter No. 676


MN H 504 - Eliminates the prefunded limit for a reinsurance association and provides that premiums shall be sufficient to cover the reinsurance association's incurred liabilities and expenses in excess of the member's selected retention limit. 04/22/2013 - Filed with Secretary of State. Chapter No. 2013-15

MN S 561 - Provides that provisions in a construction contract which requires a party to provide insurance coverage for negligence or intentional acts or omissions is void but does not affect workers compensation requirements. 05/24/2013 - Filed with Secretary of State. Chapter No. 2013-88

MN H 582 - Provides that any facility performing advanced diagnostic imaging services, including for workers compensation cases, must be licensed. 03/15/2013 - Filed with Secretary of State. Chapter No. 2013-8

MN S 1234 - Modifies workers compensation coverage requirements, establishes a special fund, provides for claim settlement procedures, and adds coverage for mental injuries. 05/16/2013 - Filed with Secretary of State. Chapter No. 2013-70

MN H 1378 -Modifies personnel provisions for the Workers' Compensation Court of Appeals. 05/01/2013 - Filed with Secretary of State. Chapter No. 2013-33


MO S 1 - Relates to occupational diseases coverage under workers' compensation, including toxic exposure, asbestosis, and coal workers' pneumoconiosis; and psychological stress of peace officers; modifies claims against the Second Injury Fund. 07/10/2013 - Signed by Governor.

MO S 59 - Provides that an exemption in the property and casualty insurance act does not apply in the case of a claim for benefits under workers' compensation coverage. 05/17/2013 - Signed by Governor.

MO S 287 - Modifies captive insurance law to allow for the formation of sponsored captive insurance companies. 05/16/2013 - Signed by Governor.

MO H 404 - Recognizes psychological stress as an occupational disease for paid police officers of a paid police department if a direct causal relationship is established. 06/27/2013 - Signed by Governor.


MT H 82 - Clarifies workers' compensation extraterritorial applicability and reciprocity. 03/20/2013 - Chaptered. Chapter No. 74

MT H 232 - Strengthens exclusive remedy laws and evidentiary standards in workers' compensation cases. 04/04/2013 - Chaptered. Chapter No. 148

MT S 323 - Permits a query of the prescription drug registry prior to prescribing a schedule II or schedule III drug for treatment of a workers' compensation injury or occupational disease; provides that an individual may be carefully monitored for potential substance abuse. 05/06/2013 - Chaptered. Chapter No. 407

MT H 377 - Relates to funding for the teachers' retirement system, including disability eligibility. 05/06/2013 - Chaptered. Chapter No. 389

MT S 386 - Allows local governmental fire agencies to provide workers' compensation coverage for volunteer firefighters. 05/06/2013 - Chaptered. Chapter No. 412


NE L 21 - Eliminates a sunset provision in the Workers' Compensation Act and  repeals provisions concerning a presumption of elective compensation for specified occupations. 03/07/2013 - Signed by Governor.

NE L 141 - Changes court procedures for the Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court. 05/07/2013 - Signed by Governor.


NV A 86 - Requires the Contractors' Board to notify each licensed contractor who fails provide and maintain industrial insurance that the contractor's license will be suspended and that they are ieligible to bid on public contracts. 06/03/2013 - Chaptered. Chapter No. 405

NV A 90 - Revises provisions governing representation of injured workers in hearings or other meetings concerning industrial insurance claims. 05/24/2013 - Chaptered. Chapter No. 117

NV S 100 - Revises provisions relating to accident benefits for emergency medical technicians, advanced emergency medical technicians and paramedics. 05/28/2013 - Signed by Governor. 05/28/2013 - Chaptered. Chapter No. 226

NV A 206 - Provides that volunteer members of a county search and rescue organization shall be deemed to be employees of the county for purposes of industrial insurance. 05/21/2013 - Chaptered. Chapter No. 26

NV S 208 - Revises the definition of a police officer to include court bailiffs and deputy marshals in district courts and justice courts for purposes of industrial insurance coverage. 06/02/2013 - Chaptered. Chapter No. 371

NV S 479 - Revises provisions that govern credits against the industrial insurance premium tax. 06/10/2013 - Chaptered. Chapter No. 449

New Hampshire

NH S 71 - Establishes a committee to study the use and misuse of prescription drugs and opiates in workers' compensation cases. 06/28/2013 - Chapter No. 2013-0161

NH S 95 - Establishes that an injured employee has the right to choose his or her own pharmacy or pharmacist for purposes of medicines required under workers' compensation. 06/20/2013 - Chapter No. 2013-95

NH S 147 - Requires pharmacies to substitute generic drugs unless the prescribing physician indicates that the brand name drug is medically necessary. 06/25/2013 - Chapter No. 2013-0131

NH H 546 - Requires notice to an injured employee regarding a request for an independent medical examination under workers' compensation. 07/24/2013 - Chapter No. 2013-0256

New Jersey

NJ S 1469 - Provides surviving spouses of fire and police personnel who die in line of duty with workers' compensation for entire period of survivorship, even if the surviving spouse remarries; prohibits the surviving spouse from receiving a lump sum payment. 06/13/2013 - Chapter No. 2013-62

New Mexico

NM S 233 - Raises limits for attorney fees for cases under the Occupational Disease and Disablement Law. 04/04/2013 - Chaptered. Chapter No. 168

NM S 275 - Defines extra-hazardous employers whose injury rates exceed the norm for that occupation; requires safety visits and raises premium thresholds; and replaces the safety and fraud division in the workers' compensation administration with an enforcement bureau. 04/03/2013 - Chaptered. Chapter No. 134

New York

NY A 7803 - Addresses limitations in existing disability provisions to protect public employees who suffered injuries or illnesses in the World Trade Center attack of 2001 rescue, recovery and cleanup operations. 11/13/2013 - Chapter No. 489

North Carolina

NC S 43 - Directs the Office of State Personnel to study and make recommendations regarding the management of workers' compensation claims submitted by state and local government employees. 07/23/2013 - Session Law Number 2013-336

NC S 44 - Permits disclosure of certain information pertaining to workers' compensation coverage by the North Carolina industrial commission, to include policy information. 04/03/2013 - Session Law Number 2013-20

NC S 174 - Disapproves rules adopted by the Industrial Commission regarding employer's obligations upon notice of injury and addresses requirements for legal proceedings. 07/18/2013 - Session Law Number 2013-294

NC H 473 - Enacts the state captive insurance act; provides for the formation of captive insurance companies and regulates them. 06/19/2013 - Session Law Number 2013-116

NC S 520 - Requires that hearings of the industrial commission be recorded. 06/19/2013 - Session Law Number 2013-163

North Dakota

ND H 1051 - Provides for a study of the workers' compensation preferred provider program. 06/26/2013 - Chapter Number 416

ND H 1052 - Relates to notice requirements in the workers' compensation preferred provider program. 06/26/2013 - Chapter Number 505

ND H 1080 - Regards the definition of wages for injured national guard employees on active duty; addresses biennial report requirements, out -of-state claim filing, discontinuation of benefits during incarceration, and permanent partial impairment law for amputations. 06/26/2013 - Chapter Number 499

ND H 1081 - Allows the office of management and budget to adopt rules to administer the risk management workforce safety and insurance program. 06/26/2013 - Chapter Number 501

ND H 1163 - Relates to workers' compensation definitions of compensable injury, including pain as a factor. 06/26/2013 - Chapter Number 498

ND S 2080 - Relates to premium payments and penalties for failure to secure workforce safety insurance coverage. 06/26/2013 - Chapter Number 502

ND S 2134 - Includes parks and recreation department law enforcement personnel within the definition of law enforcement officer for workforce safety and insurance purposes. 06/26/2013 - Chapter Number 500

ND S 2178 - Relates to payments for equipping motor vehicles for injured employees who have sustained catastrophic injuries. 06/26/2013 - Chapter Number 503

ND S 2298 - Relates to workers' compensation independent medical examinations and consideration of conflicting medical opinions. 06/26/2013 - Chapter Number 504


OK S 250 - Relates to workers' compensation provider reimbursement and medical fee schedules. 04/12/2013 - Chapter No. 33

OK S 549 - Relates to the Oklahoma Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, including workers' compensation insurance fraud. 05/10/2013 - Chapter No. 234

OK S 788 -Modifies requirements for contractors relating to proof of identification numbers and workers' compensation policies. 05/29/2013 - Chapter No. 381

OK S 1062 - Relates to workers' compensation claims, benefits and investigations. 05/06/2013 - Chapter No. 208

OK S 1090 - Relates to the authority of of an administrative law judge or an administrative agency to issue final judgments in workers' compensation cases. 04/29/2013 - Chapter No. 195

OK H 1108 - Prohibits a captive insurance company from taking actions regarding dissolution, material loans or mergers without providing prior notice to the Insurance Commissioner. 04/15/2013 - Chapter No. 41

OK H 2201 - Creates the CompSource Mutual Insurance Company Act and provides for its regulation as a workers’ compensation insurance provider. 05/13/2013 - Chapter No. 254


OR S 190 - Authorizes the Workers' Compensation Board to adopt rules providing for electronic transmission of filings, reports, notices and other required documents. 05/17/2013 - Chaptered. Chapter No. 162

OR S 533 -Extends the period during which nurse practitioner may provide services to an injured worker in a worker’s compensation case. 05/17/2013 - Chaptered. Chapter No. 179

OR S 678 - Extends exclusive remedy protections of workers’ compensation statutes to partners, limited liability company partners, general partners limited liability partners and limited partners. 06/25/2013 - Chaptered. Chapter No. 488

OR H 2069 - Authorizes payment of temporary disability compensation injured workers actively engaged in vocational assistance training. 05/13/2013 - Chaptered. Chapter No. 103

Puerto Rico

PR S 327 - Restructures the governing body of the Corporation of the State Insurance Fund and amends the term of appointment of its members. 05/06/2013 - Law Number 16-2013

PR SR 523 - Orders a study be conducted on the extension of workers' compensation benefits administered by the Fund Corporation State Insurance for work-related accidents, illnesses or deaths in small and medium businesses or industries. 10/21/2013 - Passed Senate.

Rhode Island

RI S 488 - Requires the approval of the supreme court of any rules regulating the practice, procedure and business of the workers' compensation court. 05/24/2013 - Public Law No. 2013-44

RI S 524 - Requires that police force and firefighters who disagree with a disability retirement determination must file a notice of appeal with the Board and the Workers' Compensation Court within twenty days of the decision. 07/15/2013 - Public Law No. 2013-397

RI S 662 - Dissolves the workers' compensation investigation unit of the Rhode Island State Police. 07/11/2013 - Public Law No. 2013-164

RI S 951 - Amends workers' compensation laws, including notice requirements, burial expenses, confidentiality, and filing requirements. 07/16/2013 - Public Law No. 2013-475

RI H 5465 - Dissolves the workers' compensation investigation unit of the Rhode Island State Police. 07/11/2013 - Public Law No. 2013-234

RI H 5665 - Requires the approval of the supreme court of any rules regulating the practice, procedure and business of the workers' compensation court. 05/24/2013 - Public Law No. 2013-29

RI H 5768 - Requires that police force and firefighters who disagree with a disability retirement determination must file a notice of appeal with the Board and the Workers' Compensation Court within twenty days of the decision. 07/15/2013 - Public Law No. 2013-283

RI H 6164 - Amends workers' compensation laws, including notice requirements, burial expenses, confidentiality, and filing requirements. 07/16/2013 - Public Law No. 2013-445

South Carolina

SC H 3632 - Allows a portion of the revenue from the maintenance tax on self insurers to be retained by the Workers' Compensation Commission to pay the salaries and expenses of the Commission. 06/24/2013 - Act No. 95

South Dakota

SD S 75 - Adopts updated guidelines for the evaluation of permanent impairment in connection with workers' compensation claims. 06/18/2013 - Session Law. Chapter No. 260

SD S 206 - Revises provisions relating to liability and worker's compensation disability payments for law enforcement officers performing duties in other jurisdictions. 06/18/2013 - Session Law. Chapter No. 164

SD H 1097 - Revises certain provisions relating to an employer's denial of workers' compensation claims. 06/18/2013 - Session Law. Chapter No. 259


TN S 124 - Allows the department of labor and workforce development to obtain information regarding employer workers' compensation insurance policies in order to ensure compliance with the law. 04/02/2013 - Public Chaptered. Chapter No. 50

TN S 200 – Requires the administrator of division to have seven, instead of five years, of experience and revises various deadlines. 05/03/2013 - Public Chaptered. Chapter No. 289

TN S 302 - Provides that teachers injured by a physical assault in the course of their employment shall continue to receive full benefits including health insurance benefits for the duration of their disability. 05/22/2013 - Public Chaptered. Chapter No. 439

TN S 519 – Provides for an exemption from certain workers' compensation requirements if an individual is a member of a recognized religious sect and is conscientiously opposed to acceptance of such benefits. 05/22/2013 - Public Chaptered. Chapter No. 476

TN H 864 - Provides that an employee who is injured while working temporarily in another state is eligible for benefits as if the employee was injured in this state. 05/22/2013 - Public Chaptered. Chapter No. 367

TN S 1174 - For purposes of workers compensation, defines volunteer firefighter to mean a member of a fire department, volunteer fire department, rescue squad or volunteer rescue squad. 04/26/2013 - Public Chaptered. Chapter No. 210

TN S 1275 - Changes references from commissioner to administrator throughout the workers' compensation law. 05/01/2013 - Public Chaptered. Chapter No. 282


TX S 381 - Relates to misuse of the name or symbols of the Texas division of workers' compensation. 07/08/2013 - Filed with Secretary of State. Chapter No. 743

TX S 734 - Provides for the licensing and regulation of captive insurance companies. 07/09/2013 - Filed with Secretary of State. Chapter No. 569

TX S 1286 - Provides that the duties and obligations of an employer are allocated between co-employers under a professional employer services agreement. 06/24/2013 - Filed with Secretary of State. Chapter No. 117

TX S 1322 - Relates to the provision of durable medical equipment and home health care services through informal and voluntary networks in the workers' compensation system. 07/30/2013 - Filed with Secretary of State. Chapter No. 1202

TX H 1762 - Relates to workers' compensation and other remedies available to an injured temporary employee. 06/27/2013 - Filed with Secretary of State. Chapter No. 321

TX H 2645 - Relates to certification and operation of independent review organizations for workers' compensation medical benefits. 07/12/2013 - Filed with Secretary of State. Chapter No. 1024

TX H 3152 - Relates to payments and contracts with health care providers by entities under contract with a certified workers' compensation network. 06/28/2013 - Filed with Secretary of State. Chapter No. 374


UT H 30 - Provides that a line-of-duty death for a public safety service or firefighter service employee includes a death that results from strenuous activity, including a heart attack or stroke, that occurs during training or another activity required by an act of duty. 04/26/2013 - Chaptered. Chapter No. 40

UT S 44 - Modifies the Utah Construction Trades Licensing Act and requires contractors to provide proof of workers compensation coverage. 04/26/2013 - Chaptered. Chapter No. 57

UT S 45 - Modifies the Workers' Compensation Act to exclude directors or officers of corporations from coverage as employees. 04/26/2013 - Chaptered. Chapter No. 58

UT S 59 - Amends the Insurance Code and the Utah Labor Code, to require a health benefit plan to pay for medical care under the health plan if a workers' compensation claim is being adjudicated. 04/26/2013 - Chaptered. Chapter No. 417

UT H 107 - Prohibits a hospital from asserting a lien for payment upon a judgment if treatment for the accident is covered by workers' compensation or private health insurance. 04/26/2013 - Chaptered. Chapter No. 273

UT S 147 - Modifies the Workers' Compensation Act, Occupational Disease Act and Occupational Safety and Health Act to address treatment protocols and reporting requirements. 04/26/2013 - Chaptered. Chapter No. 72


VT H 51 - Allow workers' compensation benefits to be paid through the use of an electronic pay card account. 05/01/2013 - Act No. 006

VT S 85 - Creates a presumption that a firefighter or rescue or ambulance worker with lung disease or an infectious disease acquired the disease in the course of employment. 06/19/2013 - Act No. 0086


VA S 839 - Provides that localities may designate mutually agreed-upon boundary lines for law-enforcement purposes to clarify coverage under workers' compensation. 04/03/2013 - Acts of Assembly. Chapter No. 775

VA S 896 - Relates to off-premises injuries incurred by public safety employees. 03/16/2013 - Acts of Assembly. Chapter No. 458

VA H 1305 - Revises the presumption, in the absence of a preponderance of evidence to the contrary, that an injury is work related if an employee is physically or mentally unable to testify about the circumstances of the accident. 03/12/2013 - Acts of Assembly. Chapter No. 169

VA H 1347 - Provides that in situations where weather constitutes a particular risk to public safety officers and where the injury arose in the course of employment, such injury shall be compensable. 03/12/2013 - Acts of Assembly. Chapter No. 174

VA H 1733 - Relates to peer review of medical costs and services rendered by physicians. 03/12/2013 - Acts of Assembly. Chapter No. 204

VA H 2018 - Relates to workers' compensation coverage for trainees at criminal justice training academies. 03/12/2013 - Acts of Assembly. Chapter No. 219

VA H 2174 - Provides that wages paid to employees who are physically unable to return to pre-injury work and who are provided work within their capacity at a wage equal to or greater than pre-injury wages shall be considered compensation. 03/16/2013 - Acts of Assembly. Chapter No. 445

VA H 2216 - Provides that localities may designate mutually agreed-upon boundary lines for law-enforcement purposes to clarify coverage under workers' compensation. 03/20/2013 - Acts of Assembly. Chapter No. 594


WA H 1468 - Allows the Department of Labor and Industries to issue workers compensation payments using methods other than checks to include debit card or other electronic means. 05/03/2013 - Chapter No. 125

WA H 1469 - Removes the requirement that workers' compensation premiums for employees in the horse racing industry be computed on a per license basis and assessed at the time the license is issued or renewed. 04/25/2013 - Chapter No. 80

WA H 1887 - Requires the Vocational Rehabilitation Subcommittee to consider options that would allow injured workers to attend baccalaureate institutions under their vocational rehabilitation plans. 05/21/2013 - Chapter No. 326

WA S 5362 - Extends the sunset date for the Vocational Improvement Project where injured workers eligible for vocational benefits have a specified time period to develop and submit a training plan to the Department of Labor and Industry. 05/21/2013 - Chapter No. 331

WA S 5744 - Requires information concerning the development and implementation of the logger safety initiative to be reported to the legislature, including a description and summary of worker training and supervision standards. 05/21/2013 - Chapter No. 339

West Virginia

WV H 103 - Provides for distribution of excess moneys in the Fire Protection Fund to volunteer fire departments under a Volunteer Fire Department Workers' Compensation Subsidy Program. 05/15/2013 - Act No. 5

WV H 3069 - Provides that attorney fees may be awarded for successful recovery of denied medical benefits in workers' compensation medical treatment cases. 05/15/2013 - Act No. 209


WY H 52 - Provides for a discount in worker's compensation premiums for employers who comply with a health and safety consultation program developed by the department of workforce services. 02/27/2013 - Chapter No. 88

Source: StateNet year-end bill tracking database search.