2013 Employment Leave Legislation


More than 200 employment leave bills were introduced in 36 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia during the 2013 legislative session. Laws were enacted in 16 states, including expanding family leave benefits to extended family members and domestic partners, ensuring that volunteer first responders and military members are able to take leave to attend to their duties, and establishing task forces to consider the establishment of paid family leave benefits.

2013 Enacted Legislation on Employment Leave


CA A 11
Permits an employee who is a volunteer firefighter, reserve peace officer, or emergency responder to take a leave of absence to participate in fire, law enforcement, or emergency rescue training. 08/19/2013 Chaptered by Secretary of State. Chapter No. 120

CA S 288
Prohibits an employer from discrimination or retaliation against an employee who is a crime victim for taking time off from work to appear in court or attend legal proceedings related to the crime. 10/11/2013 Chaptered by Secretary of State. Chapter No. 756

CA S 770
Expands the scope of the family temporary disability insurance program to include time off to care for a seriously ill grandparent, grandchild, sibling, or parent-in-law. 09/24/2013 Chaptered by Secretary of State. Chapter No. 350


CO H 1222
Expands the definition of family to include an employee's civil union or domestic partner and for whom employees are entitled to take family leave from work. 05/17/2013 Session Law Chaptered. Chapter No. 157

CO S 11
Authorizes any two adults, regardless of gender, to enter into a civil union and entitles partners to family leave and other employment benefits. 03/25/2013 Session Law Chaptered. Chapter No. 49


CT H 6553
Establishes the Task Force on Family Medical Leave Insurance to study the feasibility of establishing an insurance program to provide paid family leave. 06/24/2013 Special Act No. 13-13

CT S 835
Ensures that military reserve and National Guard members are permitted to take a leave of absence to attend ordered military duty, such as drills and meetings, without adverse employment actions. 05/24/2013 Public Act No. 13-49

CT S 887
Extends the eligibility of the Care 4 Kids program benefits to workers who take unpaid leave from their employment because of the birth of a child. 05/28/2013 Public Act No. 13-50


IN S 213
Prohibits local units of government from requiring employers to provide employee benefits that exceed the requirements of state or federal law. 04/26/2013 Public Law No. 88-2013


KS H 2069
Prohibits local units of government from requiring private employers to provide their workers with compensation or benefits in excess of what is required by state or federal law. 06/28/2013 Chapter No. 2013-86


ME H 884
Prohibits charging an employer for unemployment benefits for a temporary worker only hired to cover a leave of absence for an employee on family leave. 05/30/2013 Public Law No. 175


MD H 718
Would have provided for credit for unused sick leave accrued by a member of the state retirement system. 05/16/2013 Vetoed by governor

MD H 804
Requires an employer to provide reasonable accommodation of a disability caused or related to pregnancy, including temporary transfer of an employee to a less strenuous or hazardous position. 05/16/2013 Chapter No. 548

MD S 12
Authorizes employees to take leave from work on the day that an immediate family member leaves or returns from active military duty outside the United States. 05/02/2013 Chapter No. 163


MN S 840
Permits an employee to use personal sick leave for absences because of an illness or injury of the employee's child, adult child, spouse, sibling, parent, grandparent or stepparent. 05/24/2013 Filed with Secretary of State. Chapter No. 2013-87


MS H 141 Summary: Prohibits a local unit of government from establishing a local minimum wage or requiring private employers to provide employee benefits. 06/03/2013 Chapter No. 445


NH H 551
Establishes a commission to study the establishment of a paid family leave insurance program. 06/25/2013 Chapter No. 2013-0111


NJ S 2177
Permits an employee who has been a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault to take leave to seek treatment or counseling or to attend criminal or legal proceedings related to the incident. 07/17/2013 Chapter No. 2013-82


OR H 2950
Allows eligible employees to take family leave to deal with the death of family member. 06/13/2013 Chaptered. Chapter No. 384

OR S 1
Requires an employer to provide paid or unpaid time off for Veterans Day to employees who are veterans. 04/04/2013 Chaptered. Chapter No. 28


TN S 667
Allows public employees who are in the military to use five days of paid sick leave in lieu of annual leave for days when they are called to military duty. 05/22/2013 Public Chaptered. Chapter No. 432


VT H 99
Strengthens equal pay and employment discrimination laws, prohibits retaliation against workers for discussing wages or lodging complaint of unfair employment practices, permits employees to request temporary flexible working arrangements, and establishes a commission to study paid family leave. 05/20/2013 Act No. 0031


WA H 2044
Indefinitely postpones implementation of the paid family leave insurance program until a funding mechanism is adopted and funds are appropriated. 07/03/2013 2nd Special Session Chapter No. 26


WY H 79
Excludes accrued vacation from the definition of wages if an employer’s written policies provide that such vacation is forfeited upon termination of employment. 02/18/2013 Chapter No. 67

Source: StateNet year-end bill tracking topic search.

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