West Australian Parliament Visits NCSL and Congress

July 17-19

From July 17th through July 19th, the International Programs department of NCSL welcomed Mr. Russell Bremner, Chief Executive Officer of the West Australian Parliament to Washington, D.C. During his stay in the city, the International Programs department arranged several meetings with Mr. Bremner’s counterparts in the U.S. Congress, including meetings with the Chief Administrative Officer of the House, Mr. Dan Strodel, and the Deputy Chief, Ms. Stacy Carlson. Throughout these meetings, Mr. Bremner was given a VIP Capitol tour and discussed security in the House of Representatives through the Sergeant at Arms Office of the House. During the meetings, Mr. Bremner gained a great deal of insight and information by learning about the similarities and differences in the administration of the U.S. Congress versus the Parliament of West Australia. NCSL was happy to provide Mr. Bremner an enjoyable and beneficial visit to Washington, D.C. before he attended the Legislative Summit in Chicago from August 5th-9th.

Updated August 23, 2012