Nigerian Lagos State House of Assembly Officials Visit Texas Legislative Budget Board

On February, 1, 2010 a series of discussions took place between the Legislative Budget Board (LBB) in the Texas State Legislature and the Lagos State House of Assembly of Nigeria. In the aims of creating a budgetary office like the LBB in Texas, officials from Lagos flew to Austin, Texas to discuss strategic planning and cooperation. The Legislative Budget Bureau established in 1949 overviews state spending and provides a wide range of services to the state government that are intended to serve the fiscal policy and analysis needs of the Texas State Legislature. The delegation from Lagos was interested in gaining information on the LBB budget analysis and its functioning as well as monitoring processes to try to establish a standing committee in Lagos.  

After numerous meetings with budget policy analysts and the Lieutenant Governor’s senior budget advisor, the delegation from Lagos expressed a great desire and interest in creating a budget office like the independent LBB. The Lagos participants plan to incorporate what they learned and observed first hand into their daily efforts of creating an independent budgetary system to oversee state parliament budget.  NCSL served as the connection link in bringing the two parties together. 


Updated April 23, 2010