NCSL Welcomes EU Parliament Delegation


NCSL welcomed a delegation composed of members of the European Parliament’s (EP) Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee to the NCSL office in Washington, D.C.  on Oct. 7.

US EU flagThe delegation and accompanying staff members, led by Chairman Roberto Gualtieri, included legislators from France, Germany, Italy, Romania and Spain. A few representatives from the EP Liaison Office to the U.S. Congress were also in attendance.

The delegation aimed to learn about the links between the U.S.  federal budget and heard from Delegate Mark Sickles from Virginia’s 43rd District, an expert on state budgeting and governmental relations. NCSL was represented by Jeff Hurley, Committee Director on the Budgets and Revenue Committee, and Katherine Boyce, Policy Associate for the International Programs Department.

Sickles spoke with the delegation about his experiences, and the reasons and consequences of a federal governmental shutdown for the states. He highlighted the major differences between state and federal budgets, namely that states must balance their budgets, while the federal government is allowed to incur debt. Members of the delegation remarked that the U.S. system is significantly different from European systems.

The group also discussed revenue collection, comparing the tax rates paid by American citizens to their counterparts in the European Union. Hurley shared information about the different tax structures that states implement, and how states tailor these systems to be responsive to their citizens. Sickles also spoke about revenue collection in Virginia, noting the correlation between taxes and workforce development challenges.

NCSL was pleased to receive the delegation and looks forward to continuing to strengthen relations between the states and their international partners.

To Learn More

If you would like to learn more about NCSL's work with international parliamentary bodies and organizations in Washington, D.C. and throughout the world, please contact either Kathy Brennan Wiggins, Director of NCSL's International Program or Katherine Boyce, Policy Associate for NCSL's International Program.