Kosovo Assembly Stregthening Program: Human Resources

April 15-26, 2012

NCSL has partnered with the National Democratic Institute (NDI) to provide legislative strengthening activities for the Kosovo Assembly over the three year time period from 2009 to 2012 through the Kosovo Assembly Strengthening Program (KASP). Since the beginning of this program, among other accomplishments, NCSL has developed recommendatory plans to senior staff of the Assembly, conducted technical workshops, and successfully implemented the Kosovo Legislative Staff Management Institute (KASMI), a three-phase executive management training program for senior staff designed to enhance excellence and professionalism.
One of KASP’s five objectives is to professionalize the Assembly’s staff through tested management and skills training programs. NCSL has recently advanced the achievement of this objective by creating a Staff Operations Manual on Human Resources (HR SOM) in collaboration with NDI and senior staff of the Assembly and by conducting a two-phase training workshop pertinent to the implementation of the manual.
NCSL began the development of HR SOM in 2011 with the purpose of assisting the Assembly’s HR department to maximize the effectiveness of its professional development resources. The HR SOM is now an in-depth resource available to the Assembly HR department that provides standard operating practices, procedures and products in the following:

  • Human Resource Management Administration, Systems and Methods,
  • Recruitment and Hiring,
  • Succession Planning,
  • Job Description and Minimum Qualifications,
  • Compensation and Benefits,
  • Employee Performance Evaluation,
  • Personnel Policies,
  • Professional Development and Training, and
  • Discipline and Accountability.

The two phase training workshop that integrated the HR SOM to the Assembly was conducted by the faculty team composed of Mr. Brian Weberg, Group Director, Legislative Management Program, NCSL, Mr. Bruce Feustel, Senior Fellow, Legislative Management Program, NCSL, and Ms. Lore Christopher, Human Resources Director, Legislative Administration, Oregon State Legislature in Pristina from April 18th to 20th, 2012. The first phase titled “Building a Dynamic Human Resources Office”  had the participation of human resources staff  for two days and focused on the policies and best management practices depicted in the HR SOM.  The second phase, “Human Resource Management for the Kosovo Assembly”, comprised of a one-day workshop for directors and senior managers as well as human resources staff and emphasized the collaboration between HR staff and managers to establish strong management practices.
NCSL is pleased to continue to move forward with this program in partnership with NDI and the Assembly of Kosovo with future program activites.

Kosovo Assembly Strengthening Program (KASP)

October 25 - November 6, 2010

NCSL has partnered with the National Democratic Institute (NDI) to facilitate a Kosovo Assembly Strengthening Program (KASP), funded by USAID. KASP supports the Kosovo Assembly following Kosovo’s recent declaration of independence, in which the Assembly is navigating a transition from international tutelage toward reliance on its own domestic capacity. The program assists the Assembly in shaping its behavior to be driven by domestic interests and constituencies. Our work is being carried out through technical workshops, mentoring, the creation of operation manuals, and issue expert resources during the three-year program.

NCSL’s largest contribution to date to KASP is through administering the Kosovo Legislative Staff Management Institute (KASMI). KASMI is an executive management training program designed to produce high levels of excellence and professionalism among senior staff of the Kosovo Assembly. The learning objectives of KASMI are to aid senior Assembly staff in:

  • Building on their strengths as managers and leaders;
  • Producing personal and organizational development plans;
  • Connecting in profound ways with their colleagues in management; and
  • Advancing the role of the Assembly as a vital institution of Kosovar democracy.

The curriculum design and delivery emphasizes learning by doing (experiential learning), with the practical application of skills for effective communication, team building, and negotiation for legislative staff. KASMI is delivered in three 2.5-day workshops. Part 1 took place in Prevalla, April 16-18, 2010. Part 2 took place October 28-31, 2010 and Part 3 will take place in the spring of 2011.

Karl Kurtz and Brian Weberg of NCSL recently returned from a successful trip to Pristina, Kosovo. The trip facilitated the second part of NCSL’s KASMI training. While in Kosovo, Karl and Brian met with potential partners in Kosovo in order to sustain the KASMI program beyond 2012. Their goals for the program are to continue consultation on curriculum planning and staff operations manuals (SOMs), interview Assembly staff about overall training needs, and provide individual coaching and assistance to Kosovo Assembly staff, as well as hold meetings on other topics at the request of NDI staff.

While they were in Kosovo, the Assembly was dissolved due to political gridlock and a lack of quorum. Despite this occurrence the young republic remains civil and will conduct the constitutionally mandated snap elections on December 12, 2010. This will be only the third national election in the history of the Kosovo Republic, the first since the country declared independence from Serbia in 2008, and the first time that a vote of no confidence caused new elections.


Updated April 30, 2012