International Attendees at NCSL's 2010 Legislative Summit 


The National Conference of State Legislatures 36th annual Legislative Summit in Louisville, Ky., drew more than 200 international attendees from over 20 countries. A welcoming committee moderated by Kansas Representative Melvin Neufeld launched the conference. This Sunday morning event highlighted the contributions, insight, and experience the international attendees brought to the Summit.

“The public expects us, as elected officials, to be well-informed on public policy and responsive,” said NCSL President and Massachusetts state Senator Richard T. Moore. “It is important that legislators and legislative staff attend the Legislative Summit because it is one of the best ways to connect with other lawmakers throughout the world, and serves as a forum for candid discussions on new and current policy.”

A special day-long program specifically designed for the international attendees was planned in addition to the regular Summit program, as well as various other sessions and meetings throughout the conference. The international program included a number of events focused on global issues.

 Strategies for Promoting Economic Growth

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Corina Eckl,
Representative Terri J. Austin,
Senator Gary D. LeBeau, Connecticut

The economic crisis has hit every corner of the globe, challenging governments to develop programs and policies to combat and even reverse economic decline. Those in attendence heard from an expert panel an overview of the U.S. state budget situation with an emphasis on legislative actions to close enormous budget gaps as well as learned about state programs that promote economic growth and stability in this challenging fiscal environment. Please see the audio recording of the session for additional information. This topic was further added upon by Representative Brent Yonts of Kentucky who described his states' use of tourism as an economic development strategy during a luncheon program later in the day.

Legislators and legislative staff had more than 150 policy sessions to choose from during the three-day conference. More than 500 faculty members were onsite, with some being the best and the brightest in their fields. Some of this year’s key note speakers included former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, pollsters Peter Hart and Neil Newhouse, U.S. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, and U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The program specifically for the international attendees included a site visit to the Kentucky state capitol in Frankfort. While there, the international attendees enjoyed a presentation by Senate President David Williams and Representative Tanya Pullin on the budget process and the balance of powers between the legislative and executive branches of government within the state. They also toured the facility before heading back to Louisville.

A session designed for international attendees to share best practices with their U.S. counterparts also occurred. Entitled, "Global Perspectives on Job Creation and Economic Development" the session gave specific examples of how other countries have successfully changed their approach to workforce development. Panelists shared what worked for them and what didn't. Please see the panelist's presentation and paper on the right for more information.

NCSL's President Richard Moore stated the following regarding the importance of the Legislative Summit. “Boarders are not immune from the effects of our global recession and unfavorable economic climate, and this annual conference allows legislators and staff to come together and compare notes on not only this issue but others facing their country. More importantly, it provides an opportunity to bring home new ideas on how to address all of our challenges head on.”

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