Employers Seek Telework Policies

As more employers embrace telework, new or existing policies should take into consideration the needs of all employees.



Reducing Admissions to Jail and Prisons

There are several policy options states can consider to reduce the use of prisons and jails while still holding people accountable and promoting public safety. This brief explores policy options such as improving responses to individuals with mental health needs and making changes to criminal offenses, including decriminalizing and “defelonizing” some offenses. 

Map Making


New baby and Dad

Newborn Screening

Early detection of certain conditions through newborn screening can prevent severe cognitive and physical disabilities, and even death. Each state has its own newborn screening program and decides which conditions to include within screening panels.


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The Canvass: NCSL's Elections Update

The June 2021 issue looks at how legislators have shifted their attention from the voter experience to new trends, including the prohibition of private funding for running elections, legislative oversight of local election officials, ballot collection laws, ballot drop boxes and more.


working on budget

FY 2022 State Budget Status

NCSL tracks states' enactment of their FY 2022 budgets. As of June 17, 28 states have enacted a budget for FY 2022. Virginia and Wyoming enacted a biennial budget during the 2020 legislative session. 


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Building a Strong Early Learning Workforce

The quality of early education teachers has been shown to be a key driver in overall classroom quality and outcomes for prekindergarten children.