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Resources Supporting Young Children

This month the National Association for the Education of Young Children celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Week of the Young Child. Click to access resources to better understand early childhood policy and financing issues.


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The Early Care and Education Workforce

Children younger than 5 spend over 30 hours a week, on average, with nonparental caregivers, in center- and home-based child care, preschool classrooms, and informal arrangements with family, friends or neighbors. This webpage explores the early care and education workforce.

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Evictions and the Pandemic

Our featured speaker, Emily Benfer, a visiting professor of law at Wake Forest University and an expert on housing and health law, explains how the pandemic has exacerbated the eviction problem, who is being evicted and how the recently extended federal eviction moratorium factors into the situation.


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2020 Enacted Child Support and Family Law Legislation

NCSL maintains a database of all introduced child support and family law legislation. Click to access a summary of laws enacted by states in 2020.


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Youth Homelessness Overview

Each year, an estimated 4.2 million youth and young adults experience homelessness. Click to access a review of policies to address barriers faced by youth experiencing homelessness, statistics on homeless youth as well as what states are doing to combat youth homelessness.


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State Legislation & Bill Tracking

Want to know what legislation your state or other states have introduced or enacted? NCSL maintains legislative-tracking databases in the following human services areas: child support and family law, child welfareearly care and education, and housing and homelessness. To research state legislation on other topics, visit NCSL’s directory of legislative databases


Health and Human Services

One of eight NCSL standing committees that educates Congress and federal agencies about state concerns and serves as a forum for state legislators and legislative staff, this committee covers state federal health and humans services programs, legislation, regulations and policies.


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