Paid Family and Medical Leave Policies in the States


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Research has found that caring and nurturing relationships between infants and adults support healthy development long into the future. While polls show overwhelming bipartisan support for paid family and medical leave, the United States is the only developed country without a national paid leave policy. Some states are responding to the need for parents to bond with their babies by implementing their own policies. Register for this 60-minute webinar to learn what actions states are taking to realize the health, educational and financial benefits of paid family and medical leave.

This webinar was made possible with funding from ZERO TO THREE as part of Think Babies, which was developed to make the potential of every baby a national priority. Funding partners for Think Babies include the Perigee Fund, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which supports the public education aspects of Think Babies.


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  • Alison May, policy associate, NCSL
  • Jennifer Palmer, policy assoicate, NCSL 


  • Jackson Brainerd, policy specialist, NCSL
  • Jamie Colvard, director of state policy, Zero to Three