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Food Insecurity to Rise as Public Health Emergency Ends

As the end of the pandemic public health emergency approaches, states have an opportunity to strengthen food security for families through legislation.


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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Update

This page summarizes the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), including the various programs within SNAP and opportunities for state legislators to support SNAP through legislation.



Human Services


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Child Support and Incarceration

A look at the intersection of child support and incarceration, including being incarcerated for failure to pay child support and how child support orders are handled while someone is incarcerated.


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Early Childhood: What’s Governance Got to Do with It?

Lawmakers across the country are considering legislative action related to the oversight and structure of early childhood programs. Explore how some states have created a more coordinated approach of programs and services for young children and their families.


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June 23 | SNAP Employment and Training

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is well known for providing nutrition support for individuals and families with low incomes. The lesser-known SNAP Employment and Training program helps participants develop skills to achieve economic mobility and decrease food insecurity through SNAP E&T.


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State Legislation & Bill Tracking

Want to know what legislation your state or other states have introduced or enacted? NCSL maintains legislative-tracking databases in the following human services areas: child support and family law, child welfareearly care and education, economic mobility and housing and homelessness. To research state legislation on other topics, visit NCSL’s directory of legislative databases


Health and Human Services

One of eight NCSL standing committees that educates Congress and federal agencies about state concerns and serves as a forum for state legislators and legislative staff, this committee covers state federal health and humans services programs, legislation, regulations and policies.


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