Economic Security


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Homeless Youth Policy Scan

States are tackling youth homelessness in a variety of ways. From defining youth homelessness to addressing the disparate outcomes for vulnerable populations. This policy scan addresses these issues as well as common barriers to educational and housing stability.



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Benefits Cliffs Brief

Benefits cliffs, or the cliff effect, refers to the sudden drop in public benefits that may occur with a small wage increase. This brief outlines policy options that state policymakers may consider to address or mitigate the cliff effect.

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Economic Security


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Two-Generation Toolkit

States have been looking at ways to break the cycle of poverty for decades. A new two-generation approach (also called intergenerational, multigeneration or whole-family) address the needs of both children and parents.



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Whole Family Approach to Jobs

This two-year initiative seeks to help participating state leaders in the New England region develop program, policy and system solutions that support parents in achieving greater employment gains and economic stability.


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Child Support Changes

We talk with officials in two states that are seeing success by working to address the issues and concerns of those who owe child support payments, and, as a result, are improving relationships between parents and their children.