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State Actions on Paid Family Leave

Employee leave benefits generally fall into four categories: parental, family care, medical and sick leave. This brief explores paid family leave and the child development case.


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ECE State Budget Actions FY 2020

This report provides an overview of states’ budget and appropriations in early care and education. Appropriations for child care increased the most of the four survey categories (23.5%), followed by home visiting (7.8%) and prekindergarten initiatives (3.7%). Funding for other early care and education initiatives increased for some states but remained consistent from FY 2019 to FY 2020 overall for those 24 states.

Results Driven Governing


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Removing Barriers to Breastfeeding

In the past several years, state legislatures have taken a variety of approaches to further reduce breastfeeding barriers. Since 2019, at least 23 states have enacted or adopted bills supporting women’s ability to breastfeed at work or in certain locations, receive breastfeeding support or access milk banks.


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COVID-19: Human Services Resources

Access issue summaries, state responses, federal actions and topical resources under five broad human services policy areas. Within the Early Care and Education area explore child care, early interventions and home visiting as they relate to the pandemic. NCSL staff will update this information regularly, so check back often.


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Making Room for Dads in Public Policy 

Engaged fathers play an important role in the healthy development of a child. Summer intern Walker Stevens explores the positive outcomes children with engaged fathers experience and takes a closer look at how bias can negatively impact this relationship. 


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Early Care and Education Legislation

This database tracks and updates early care and education legislation from the 2008-2020 legislative sessions for the 50 states and the territories. Search by state, topic, status, primary sponsor, bill number or keyword.