Coordinated State Early Care and Education Data Systems 

Young boy playing with lettered wood blocksData are a vital resource in state efforts to reduce the school readiness gap and bolster educational achievement for all children. From the classroom to the legislature, stakeholders can use data about young children, early childhood programs and the workforce to improve the effectiveness of early care and education.

Stakeholders, however, often struggle to obtain data that will answer even basic questions about their state’s public early care and education (ECE) system. Current ECE data systems were created to satisfy reporting requirements for a variety of state and federal agencies. Therefore, the information housed in these systems usually is uncoordinated, dated and focused on program compliance. To support state reform efforts, ECE data systems need to be coordinated, longitudinal and linked to education and workforce information (P-20/W data systems). Such changes to ECE systems can promote data-driven decision making to improve the quality of programs and the workforce, increase access to services and, ultimately, help children develop to their fullest potential. To help states with this transformation, in October 2010, The Early Childhood Data Collaborative released specific guidance about the systems, including child, workforce and program site information.

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