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Temporary Assistance for Needy Families: Where It Stands Today

While the federal government has been assisting families with TANF funds for decades, they continue to work with state governments to ensure the program's sustainability and adjust eligibility requirements to best serve their residents.


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Child Support Tutorial

Child support is an important source of income for the millions of children living in single-parent households. Click to access a self-guided tutorial that covers the child support processes and services, including administration and enforcement policies and practices. 

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Criminal Nonsupport Laws

Parents have a legal obligation to provide support for their children and failure to provide such support is considered a crime against the state, generally known as criminal nonsupport. Click to access a chart outlining the type of crime and maximum penalties for ciminal nonsupport in all 50 states.



Child Support Database

The Child Support and Family Law Legislation Database contains passed, pending and failed legislation and executive orders from 2012 - 2020. Topics relate to custody and visitation, economic stability, enforcement, family violence collaboration, father engagement, guidelines, health care coverage, prevention, healthy family relationships, implementation, and other related issues.


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Child Support Policies: Implications for Low-Income Fathers and Their Children

What policymakers need to know and what they can do. This article offers information for legislators and a Q and A explaining challenges of state policies.


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Resources Homepage

NCSL's Child Support Project conducts research on topics affecting child support, from fatherhood engagement to age of majority. Find resources and information regarding child support basics, enforcement, family centered services and more.