Policy Options to Improve the Health of

Women of All Ages

Fall Forum 2010: Dec. 8-9, 2010


Part 1 

Running time: 02:52:00


Part 2 

Running time: 00:47:00

Women and Healthy Aging
Alixe McNeill, MPA
, vice president for Program Development, National Council On Aging - "Women and Healthy Aging" ( Adobe acrobat logo33-page PDF file)

Ramona Rusinak, RN, PhD, Healthy Aging liaison, Arizona Department of Health Services - "Healthy Aging in Arizona: What Will it Take?"
( Adobe acrobat logo20-page PDF file)

Senator Betty Boyd, Colorado, "Healthy Aging in Colorado" ( Adobe acrobat logo8-page PDF file)

Investing in the Next Generation
Yvonne Green, RN, CNM, MSN
, director, Office of Women’s Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - "Investing in the Next Generation of Women" ( Adobe acrobat logo16-page PDF file)

Shannon Lynberg, national director, Younger Women’s Task Force, National Council of Women’s Organizations - "Younger Women’s Health" ( Adobe acrobat logo13-page PDF file)

Women and Health Reform
Tracey Hyams, JD, MPH, director, Women’s Health Policy & Advocacy, Connors Center for Women's Health and Gender Biology, Brigham and Women’s Hospital - "Health Reform and Women’s Health:
Opportunities for State Legislators
" (Adobe acrobat logo39-page PDF file)


This seminar provides presentations from national and state experts about improving women’s health. Topics will include healthy aging, investing in the health of young women, and women and health reform. 

Agenda ( Adobe acrobat logo2-page PDF file)

The Women and Healthy Aging session highlights concerns for policymakers to ensure healthy aging for older women.  Topics include chronic disease management, Medicare, mental health, dementia and Alzheimer’s and health disparities within this population of women. 

The Investing in the Next Generation of Women session addresses policy options, federal programs and opportunities to invest in the health of young women. Topics include nutrition, wellness, mental health, healthy pregnancies, disparities and interventions within communities.  

The Women and Health Reform session describes how the Affordable Care Act impacts women and women’s health across the lifespan, describes lessons learned from Massachusetts’ experience and highlights policy and grant opportunities for states as the ACA is implemented.  
























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