The State of Health Insurance 2017


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The State of Health Insurance 2017

Friday, Jan. 6, 2017

The new year will bring significant, high visibility changes, choices and challenges to health insurance in the U.S. NCSL Is hosting this federal- and state-oriented look at the present and future of the private health insurance market. Three national experts will discuss marketplace stability during 2017 and state roles in access, affordability and state regulation. The discussion will include latest developments related to transition to whatever the new administration and Congress may develop.

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  • Rachel Morgan, senior committee director, NCSL, Washington D.C.
  • Richard Cauchi, program director, NCSL, Denver, CO


  • Brian Webb, assistant director for health policy, National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), Washington D.C.
  • Kim Holland, vice president for state affairs, from BlueCross BlueShield Association (BCBSA)
  • Timothy S. Jost, J.D., professor emeritus, Washington and Lee University School of Law, Virginia

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