Taming Health Costs: States Making a Difference

NCSL Legislative Summit: Tuesday, July 27, 2010


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Running time: 01:24:07

Representative James L. Riesberg, Chair, House Health & Human Services Committee, Colorado

Christine Eibner, Ph.D., Economist, RAND Corporation, Virginia, "Controlling Health Care Spending in Massachusetts" ( Adobe acrobat logo9-page PDF file) 
Senator Richard T. Moore, Chair, Health Care Financing Committee, Massachusetts; NCSL President, "Taming the Cost of Health Care" (Adobe acrobat logo14-page PDF File)
Barbara Yondorf, President, Yondorf & Associates, Colorado, "Health Cost Containment & Efficiencies" (Adobe acrobat logo16-page PDF File) 
Representative Susan King, Member, House Appropriations and House Public Health Committees, Texas
Representative John Zerwas, M.D., Chair, House Appropriations' Health and Human Services Subcommittee, Texas





States are struggling to rein in health costs and promote more efficiency, knowing that health spending accounts for more than 30 percent of many state budgets. Legislatures have suggested a variety of promising practices that could produce short-term savings, or "bend the cost curve" toward affordability while implementing long-term health reforms. Hear highlights on payment reform and other legislative perspectives from NCSL's health cost containment project.


NCSL gratefully acknowledges the financial support for this publication series from
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