Costs savings and care innovations for prisoner health care webinar

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Both health care and corrections spending are putting pressure on state budgets. The intersection of these two areas—health care for prison inmates—is a new area of interest to state policymakers. Innovative approaches to prisoner health care in states like California, Connecticut, Kansas, Michigan, New Jersey and Texas, for example, show promise in cost savings and quality improvements.

To better understand spending and care innovations for inmates, researchers from The Pew Charitable Trusts analyzed cost data from 44 states that participated in a study conducted by the federal Bureau of Justices Statistics and interviewed a wide variety of experts in the field. This webinar highlights Pew research findings and explores how states can use this information to create innovative policy solutions to increase efficiency and improve care within the prison health system.

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  • Matt McKillop, senior associate, State Health Care Spending Project, The Pew Charitable Trusts
  • Owen Murray, D.O., MBA, University of Texas
  • Aaron Edwards, fiscal and policy analyst, Legislative Analyst’s Office, California

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