Opioid-related issues

Health Program 12/7/2017


Opioids and a syringeCommunities and states are seeing an increase in communicable disease and infection cases because of the sharp spike in intravenous drug use.

Sharing needles without sterilization increases the chance of transmission from a person carrying a virus to another.

Health departments are reporting increases in cases of hepatitis C, HIV and other communicable infections. See below for more information on hepatitis C and HIV.

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C and other types of hepatitis are increasing. For more information, please see this Hepatitic C overview.


The increase of injection drug use has also raised transmission rates for human immuno-deficiency virus.

The website AIDSVu is tracking the issue on a state and local level. Use this site to view interactive maps, local testing services, PrEP services (Pre-exposure prophylaxis treatment) and other resources.


Source: AIDSvu.org

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