Here and Now: States Respond to Health Insurance Reform

NCSL Legislative Summit: Aug. 11, 2011


Running time: 01:21:36

Gary Cohen
, Acting Director, Oversight Group, CCIIO, Centers For Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS/HHS), Maryland
Commissioner Sandy Praeger, Kansas Insurance Department, Kansas; Chairman, NAIC Health Insurance and Managed Care Comm. - "Powerpoint"
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Kim Holland, Executive Directorfor States Affairs, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA), Washington, D.C. - "Powerpoint"
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Senator Jeremy J. Nordquist, Nebraska; Chairman Nebraska Retirement Systems Committee; Chair NCSL Health Committee

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Sixteen months into federal health reform, states are responding in different ways–some relying on existing laws, some creating new state policies, while others let the federal government initiate programs. These "market reforms" include coverage for adult dependents, patients with pre-existing conditions and early-retirees, as well as expanded consumer protections, premium rate review and medical loss ratios.
















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