Healthy Community Design and Access to Healthy Food Legislation Database

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This database collects, tracks, and summarizes state legislation that either seeks to increase access to healthy food or opportunities for physical activity in one's daily routine. Examples of such policies include farm-to-school and farmers' market programs, bicycle and walking paths, grocery store development, and transit-oriented development, as well as many others.

The database can be searched using state, topic area, year, bill type, text search, bill status, and bill type to craft your search. Multiple options from a search area, such as Alaska and Vermont, can be selected by holding down the shift key while selecting an individual state. This database is typically updated bi-monthly January through May, and monthly the remainder of the year. If you have any questions regarding this database, please contact Douglas Shinkle.

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  •  Access to Healthy Food 
  • Farm-to-school and farm-to-institution issues
  • Food deserts and grocery retail
  • Hunger and nutrition
  • Obesity, and more

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