Evidence-Based Care: Better Bang

for the Buck?

NCSL Legislative Summit: Aug. 9, 2011


Running time: 01:17:21

Senator Karen Keiser,


Dr. Carolyn Clancy, Director, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ/HHS), "Powerpoint" ( Adobe acrobat logoPDF file-12 pages)

Mark Gibson, Deputy Director, Center for Evidence-Based Policy at the Oregon Health and Science University, "Powerpoint" ( Adobe acrobat logoPDF file-12 pages)

Dr. Natalie Carroll, Assoicate Clinical Instructor, University of Texas Health Science Center; past president of the National Medical Association, 2002-03,   "Powerpoint" ( Adobe acrobat logoPDF file-10 pages)


Evidence-based health care is getting a lot of attention as a way to control costs and increase quality. But what does "evidence-based" mean? And why are some questioning this approach? Listen to state and national experts discuss the use of the concept in funding options in the Affordable Care Act, current federal initiatives and state policies, and how its overuse might pose problems. 
















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