Presentation: Containing Health Costs and Improving Efficiency: State Options

NCSL 2009 Fall Forum: Friday, Dec. 11
Reposted; audio links updated May 15, 2010

Facilitator: Miriam Fordham, Legislative Research Commission, Kentucky
Richard Cauchi, NCSL
Barbara Yondorf, Yondorf & Associates, Colorado

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NCSL acknowledges the financial support of the Colorado Health Foundation (TCHF) and the Rose Community Foundation, both based in Denver, Colorado.

Containing Health Costs and Improving Efficiency

States are struggling to maintain an array of health programs and payment obligations that cost more than 30 percent of many state budgets. A new NCSL project is evaluating two dozen promising practices that may "bend the cost curve" toward affordability for the long term to see if any might produce immediate savings. Hear from the project's top researchers and preview the first several study topics.


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