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Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

The House gave its approval to the bipartisan $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which the Senate approved in August.


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Redistricting Roundup Webinar

Join us Friday, Dec. 3, for NCSL's redistricting roundup webinar on current, past and future redistricting litigation. NCSL summarizes where legislation stands and where policymakers are looking ahead.



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NCSL Rural Health Resources

As state legislators assess evidence-informed strategies, NCSL provides reliable, nonpartisan policy research and information on a number of rural health topics. This web page is a compilation of NCSL resources on several key policy areas related to rural health.


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Automatic Expungement of Juvenile Records

All states have procedures that allow juveniles to petition to either seal or expunge their records in certain cases. However, these procedures can be confusing and cumbersome, and in many instances, the young person is never notified if, when or how the record can be expunged.


Map with two squares with arrows. Left square reads "State Action on Coronavirus Relief Funds." Right square reads "ARPA State Fiscal Recovery Fund Allocations."

How States are Spending their Stimulus Funds

NCSL provides a brief summary and links to databases related to state allocations of flexible COIVD-19 funding through federal stimulus packages.


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Child Tax Credit Enactments

View which states have enacted legislation related to child tax credits starting from 2013 until now.