Western States Fiscal Leaders Meeting June 2016

June 22-24, 2016 | San Diego

Illustration of a dollar signThis invitation-only meeting from June 22-24 in San Diego was designed specifically for legislative fiscal leaders and senior legislative fiscal staff from the Western states.

Attendees at this meeting had the opportunity to collaborate and communicate on state fiscal challenges and improving state fiscal health.

This meeting was made possible through the generous support of The Pew Charitable Trusts.



Meeting Resources

  • Urbanization of Western States: What it Means for the Future

Presentation: Mark Haggerty, Economist, Headwaters Economics, Montana

  • Building Better Tax Incentives By Reducing Risk

Presentation: Melissa Maynard, Officer, Economic Development, State Fiscal Health, The Pew Charitable Trusts

Presentation: John Woolley, Deputy Legislative Auditor, Washington

  • Riding the Revenue Toller Coaster: How States can Flatten the Track

Handout, Presentation: Senator Richard Devlin, Oregon

  • Bending the Medicaid Cost Curve

Presentation: Senator Ed Buttrey, Montana

Handout: Heather Shadduck, Chief of Staff to Senator Pete Kelly, Alaska

  • The Quest for Sustainable Transportation Funding

Handout: Representative Judy Clibborn, Washington

Presentation: Senator Mike Vehle, South Dakota

  • States Leading the Way: Innovative Funding Models for Higher Education

Handout: Senator Richard Devlin, Oregon

Presentation: Senator Ben Kiekhefer, Nevada

Presentation: Sandy Stith, Senior Fiscal Analyst, Washington

Presentation: Kate Watkins, Economist, Colorado

  • Western State Economic Outlook

Presentation: Christopher Thornberg, Founding Partner, Beacon Economics