State Oversight of Federal Stimulus Funds

At least 49 states and the Virgin Islands have created or proposed ways to track, provide oversight, and distribute information relating to federal stimulus funds.  Governors have created new entities, state agencies are documenting projects, and legislatures are forming commissions or committees to oversee the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).   The following provides a brief summary of actions that states are proposing or taking to provide oversight and transparency of ARRA.  Also included are state websites that will provide information on implementation and spending of funds from ARRA.

Updated August 4, 2009


Stimulus Oversight Plans


The governor has launched a new website that will track how funds from ARRA are spent in Alabama.


The Office of Management and Budget website is detailing Alaska's plans for ARRA funds.

In addition the Dept. of Transportation and Public Facilities has created a website that list economic stimulus package projects.


Gov. Brewer has started to allow people to track allocations and use of ARRA funds.


Gov. Beebe has formed the Governors Recovery Cabinet.  Comprised of various state agencies this group will help implement the stimulus package in the state.  The governor has also set up to track and provide information on the ARRA in the state.


The California Assembly has formed the Stimulus, Economic Recovery and Jobs Task Force (SERJ).  SERJ will work with local governments on developing strategies to implement ARRA in the state.  Assemblymember V. Manuel Perez will head the task force, which will be made up of chairs of relevant standing committees.  Also, Gov. Schwarzenegger has launched to provide information on the state's plans with ARRA.


Gov. Ritter has created the Colorado Economic Recovery and Accountability Board to provide oversight of ARRA funds.  Information on the board can be found and on the state's implementation of ARRA at:


Gov. Rell has started to provide information on ARRA projects in the state.  Gov. Rell has also formed Connecticut Recovery Working Group that will identify and prioritize ARRA projects.  The working group is comprised of agency leaders, staff of the governor's office, and members of the General Assembly.  Information on the Connecticut Recovery Working Group can be found here:


The governor has stated that he will create an accountability group to track stimulus funds and provide transparency.  The state has also launched a website that will track funds and measure progress.


Gov. Christ has formed the Office of Economic Recovery  The office will ensure that Florida receives its fair share of stimulus funds and distributes them as quickly and efficiently as possible.


The governor has created the state's recovery website to ensure that public is fully aware of Georgia's plans with ARRA funds.


Gov. Lingle has started as a way to provide the residents of Hawaii with detailed information on the states economic stimulus plans.   The site provides information on projects, jobs, and transparency among others. 


Gov. Otter has issued executive order 2009-06, which creates the Stimulus Executive Committee.  The committee will make recommendations, receive proposals, and prepare analysis on how the state can best use ARRA funds.  Information on Idaho's ARRA plans can be found at  The Division of Financial Management has also created a site for stimulus requests at


Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn launched a website created to share information about the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, so that Illinois can capture and use its fair share of federal stimulus funds.


Gov. Daniels has launched to keep the people of Indiana informed about the progress of the implementation of ARRA in the state.


Gov. Culver has launched the state's recovery website The website will provide information on ARRA's impact in the state. In addition the state's Dept. of Transportation has launched a site focused on the transportation aspects of ARRA.


The governor has created the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Advisory Group to oversee implementation of ARRA in the state.

A new website created by the Lt. Governor's office, who heads the advisory group, will help Kansans tap into the opportunities of the stimulus act - like tax credits, construction jobs and unemployment benefits.


Gov. Beshear has started the Kentucky at Work Initiative, which is a detailed plan by the governor of where ARRA funds will be invested in the state.  The governor website for information on the state's ARRA plans  is


The state's Dept. of Transportation has a new website that list approved ARRA transportation projects.


The governor has issued an executive order to ensure accountability, transparency and legislative oversight of federal funds during the implementation of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.  The commissioner for the Department of Administrative and Financial Services will act as state coordinator for the stimulus funds.  Information regarding the stimulus package will be presented on a State of Maine American Recovery and Reinvestment Act website, which can be found at


The governor has launched a new website: that will track the state's progress in implementing ARRA.


The governor is launching a new website,, which will detail the governor's plans for using federal funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  The legislature also has created a temporary Joint Committee on Federal Stimulus Oversight.  The committee will have the ability to hold hearings and audit expenditures of federal stimulus funds.


Gov. Jennifer Granholm's office has created a website that will explain how much money Michigan will get from ARRA.,1607,7-168-46485_52682---,00.html

In addition the Michigan Senate voted to create a special committee to provide oversight of stimulus funds.


The governor has appointed the commissioner of the Minnesota Management and Budget office to be the federal stimulus coordinator for the state.  The Minnesota Management and Budget website will provide information on the federal stimulus funds in the state.


The states auditor will be in charge of tracking any ARRA funds that come into the state.


Missouri has formed the Senate Select Committee on Oversight of Stimulus Funds, which will be charged with studying and analyzing strategies for securing the maximum amount of federal dollars for Missouri and Missourians that will come from the anticipated federal economic stimulus plan of 2009.   The committee shall issue recommendations in a report to the Senate by Mar. 12, 2009.   The governor of Missouri has created a website, to solicit ideas of stimulus package funds and to rejuvenate Missouri's economy.  The site will also provide transparency of ARRA funds by listing the appropriation of funds in detail.


The governor has launched which will provide Montanans with the ability to check how the state implements ARRA.  Also, the Legislative Fiance Committee has developed a subcommittee to design and implement a legislative oversight process of ARRA funds.


The state has established a new website that will provide accountability and transparency of how stimulus funds are used in Nebraska.  In addition the Nebraska Legislature has created which is dedicated to providing Nebraskans with receipt and usage of stimulus funds.


Gov. Gibbons has announced the formation a working group comprised of various state agencies to help coordinate the spending of federal stimulus funds.  More information can be found at

New Hampshire

The governor has established the Office of Economic Stimulus to oversee ARRA funds and to provide transparency and accountability.  The office has a website at the following location:

New Jersey

The governor has appointed his chief of staff and comptroller to oversee how ARRA funds will be spent.  In addition, the governor's office has created a website to provide transparency and accountability.

New Mexico

Gov. Richardson has created the New Mexico Office of Recovery and Reinvestment which will oversee ARRA funds and provide transparency.  The website to the office and plans for ARRA are located at

The state's Energy Conservation and Management Division has created a website that will detail information and guidance for programs of ARRA through their department.

New York

The governor has created the State Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Cabinet.  This cabinet will manage the development and of state and local projects financed through ARRA.  Information regarding the cabinet and ARRA for New York can be accessed via:

Additionally the New York State Senate is planning a series of town hall sessions throughout the state in late March and early April.  The Senate will work with the governor, congressional delegation, and other elected officials on implementing ARRA.

North Carolina

Gov. Perdue has created the Office of Economic Recovery and Investment.  The mission of the office is to ensure transparency, accountability and efficiency of federal stimulus funs.  The new office has a website that will allow the people of North Carolina to track stimulus funds as well as learn about opportunities created by ARRA.

North Dakota

Lawmakers on the appropriation committees in the legislature have been meeting to discuss plans with the state's ARRA funds.


Ohio has created an interactive portal for entities to submit expressions of interest in federal stimulus dollars and to view general information about the federal stimulus.


House Speaker Chris Benge has asked the House Appropriations and Budget Committee to conduct oversight of spending and transparency of stimulus funds as part of its legislative duties.  Gov. Henry has launched to track Oklahoma's progress with ARRA.


The governor has formed "The Oregon Way," a public/private partnership.  This partnership has been formed to compete or ARRA grant dollars that promote the governor's green initiative.


Gov. Rendell will oversee implementation of ARRA in Pennsylvania and has created to track the states progress with ARRA .  Additionally, the state senate has proposed introducing legislation that would create a bipartisan commission to monitor any stimulus funds.

Rhode Island

The governor has created the Office of Economic Recovery and Reinvestment, which will be under the governor's direct control.  However, there is current legislation (Joint Resolution H5717) to create a special joint commission to provide oversight of federal stimulus funds.  Information on the governor's plan can be located at:

South Carolina

South Carolina Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom has been choosen by the governor to lead a stimulus transparency group.  Eckstrom plans a unique coding system to match up and track the stimulus money to ensure it is used for its intended purpose.  The oversight group is also developing a website to let citizens monitor these funds


Gov. Bredesen has started to provide oversight of ARRA in the state and provide links to agencies implanting the stimulus package.  The state's Dept. of Transportation has a recovery website which details projects that qualify for ARRA.


The Texas House of Representatives has formed the Select Committee on Federal Economic Stabilization Funding and have created the website to provide Texans information on the implementation of ARRA. 

Additionally the Texas Comptrollers Office is tracking ARRA funds and their impact on the state.  The Comptrollers Office has a website that provides up-to-date information on ARRA in Texas.

U.S. Virgin Islands

Gov. deJongh has launched to allow people to track the implementation of ARRA in the U.S. Virgin Islands.


The state's Dept. of Transportation has a new site that lists ARRA projects.,V:2288,


The Speaker of the House has proposed a three-member panel to compile and examine information on how federal stimulus funds are spent.  The panel would consist of one member from the House, one member from the Senate and one member from the Governor's administration.  Additionally the governor has launched where information on the governor's plans with ARRA is available.


The governor has created the website to solicit ideas from the public and receive local input of how stimulus funds should be spent.


The governor has created a website that will provide information on how the state is implementing ARRA.

West Virginia

The West Virginia House of Delegates has established a Select Committee on Stimulus Utilization.  The committee will review legislation, testimony, evaluate and make recommendations to the Speaker of the House in regards to any relevant stimulus legislation.  In addition the governor has a new website to provide project proposals and progress related to ARRA.   


Gov. Doyle has created the Office of Recovery and Reinvestment.  The purpose of the office is to prepare the state to make the best use of federal funds.  Information on the office a can be found at:


Gov. Freudenthal has created which will analyze ARRA, demonstrate how many funds are available to the state, and document the distribution of funds.


Source: Various media and government reports, January, February, and March 2009

For additions or corrections to this information please contact Todd Haggerty.