State Broadband Laws





The Pew Charitable Trusts hosted a webinar about a new interactive tool from the broadband research initiative. The first-of-its-kind State Broadband Policy Explorer provides policymakers a comprehensive database of state broadband laws – and allows users to see and filter over 600 state laws about broadband deployment.

While much of the conversation about broadband deployment focuses on the federal and local levels, state leaders have worked hard to deploy and expand broadband for their residents. Working with states, Pew’s broadband research initiative has collected and catalogued state broadband deployment laws from all 50-states. During this webinar, Pew researchers provided an overview of the new tool, offer insights and trends from their data collection, and preview forthcoming research on state broadband issues.

For more information about this webinar or this tool, please contact Catherine An.


  • Kathryn de Wit, manager, broadband research initiative, The Pew Charitable Trusts 

This webinar was made possible with the generous support of The Pew Charitable Trusts.

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