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Pensions and Retirement Bills

Current legislation on pensions and retirement is available in a searchable database. Search 2019 pensions and retirement bills by topic, primary author, state, bill number, status or keyword.


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Health Benefits for Retired Public Employees

In addition to pensions, most state and local governments offer retired public workers other post-employment benefits, including subsidized health insurance coverage. Mounting health care costs and new rules governing the accounting and reporting of benefit liabilities have focused more attention on these key benefits in recent years. 

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Public Pension Stress Testing

The number of states requiring their public retirement systems to undergo standard financial stress tests is on the rise. The tests help officials and plan members assess how their plans would fare under different economic and investment-return scenarios.


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Retirement Security Initiatives

On the brink of a national retirement security crisis, state lawmakers are stepping up with innovative solutions to help small business employees save for retirement. It’s a balancing act as legislators try to promote savings, limit employer burdens and manage risks.