Forecasts Hazy for State Marijuana Tax Revenue



This recorded webinar, hosted by NCSL and The Pew Charitable Trusts focuses on a new report on state marijuana tax revenue. The report focuses on the challenges forecasters face when trying to estimate collections from this new revenue source. A lack of historical data, unknown price and demand, and the dynamics of a new and emerging market leave state forecasters with limited information on which to base their estimates.

In addition to examining forecasting challenges, the report explores trends in revenue collections to date—and offers insights to lawmakers charged with budgeting these new dollars. The webinar feautres a guest speaker from one of the states with an active, legalized recreational marijuana market: Josh Lehner, senior economist in Oregon’s Office of Economic Analysis, who will discuss Oregon’s unique experience.

For more information about this webinar or this report, please contact Alex Zhang.




  • Adam Levin, principal associate, fiscal and economic policy, state fiscal health, The Pew Charitable Trusts 


  • Josh Lehner, senior economist, Office of Economic Analysis, Oregon

This webinar was made possible with the generous support of The Pew Charitable Trusts.

The Pew Charitable Trusts