Economic Recovery Overview

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)

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Last Updated November 3, 2009

NCSL has been tracking the federal economic recovery plan since it was first introduced in Congress and then signed in February by the president. This document contains  links to numerous documents. Some were developed by NCSL to help in understanding the legislation and others are outside resources you may find helpful.

Status:  The President signed H.R. 1 on February 17.  The House and Senate both approved the conference report on February 13, with votes of 246Y/183N and 60Y/38N, respectively. 

General Provisions

Transparency and Accountability

 Legislative Authority

Guidance from OMB for Federal Agencies


This table lists links to both NCSL resources and outside websites that provide detailed information of how H.R.1 will affect specific areas of state government.







Human Services/ Nutritional Assistance

Labor, Workforce and Economic Development

Law and Justice

Medicaid and other Health Provisions

Tax Relief