COVID-19: Fiscal and Economic Issues


webinar coronavirus ncsl

Legislatures are moving quickly to ensure agencies have the funds to prepare and respond to the coronavirus outbreak. Several states have enacted legislation that either appropriates additional funding for coronavirus related tasks or authorizes a transfer of funds from the state’s rainy-day fund. Moody's economist Dan White will share his insights into what the economic crisis means to state governments. Additionally, our experts Erlinda Doherty and Erica MacKellar will provide an update on federal and state responses.

Resource: Fiscal and Economic Issues PDF


  • Arturo Pérezdivision director, State Services, NCSL
  • Erlinda Doherty, committee director, State-Federal Relations, NCSL
  • Erica MacKellar, senior policy specialist, Fiscal Affairs, NCSL
  • Dan White, director, Government Consulting and Fiscal Policy Research, Moody’s Analytics