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The Canvass: October 2021

The October 2021 issue of the Canvass looks at voter ID history and recent enactments, includes an interview with Sen. Kyle Evans Gay.


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Daylight Saving Time | State Legislation

This page reviews current state legislation for daylight saving time.

Summit 2021


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The Growing Role of Energy Storage in Clean Energy Policy

Energy storage, which allows renewable energy to be stored and used later as needed, is emerging as a critical component of clean energy technologies designed to drive down the nation’s carbon emissions.


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The Promise of Summer Enrichment Programs and Policies

Summer learning loss following this past school year may be of particular concern due to the pandemic. The anxiety, stress and isolation from peer groups caused by the pandemic have also heightened the need for students to be re-engaged social-emotionally.


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Consumer Data Privacy Legislation

The chart illustrates trends in consumer data privacy legislation introduced and enacted this year.


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2021 Election Enactments

All 50 states have introduced election-related bills so far in 2021. This webpage tracks significant elections-related enactments.