Financial Disclosure


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Income Disclosures

Nearly all states require legislators to disclose information about their outside income. This 50 state chart lists disclosure requirements for legislators' income, occupations, business relationships and property.


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Personal financial disclosure laws require public servants to reveal information about their finances, relationships, professions and income. Many elected and appointed office-holders must abide by versions of these provisions, which are different from campaign finance disclosures. Nearly all state ethics laws require state legislators to file personal financial disclosures, also sometimes called statements of economic interest. States have varying mandatory disclosures that may include household member information, state agency connections, lobbyist connections, and client identification requirements. NCSL has additional resources on particular disclosure-related issues, including blind trusts, and gift disclosures.

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Financial Disclosure


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Gifts and Honoraria

Legislators are often required to disclose gifts and honoraria received. This reporting requirement may extend to certain members of an official's family, but not always. This chart provides detail on the diverse disclosure requirements of the states and territories.



Household Member Info

Nearly all states require that legislators disclose some income-related information about certain family and household members. This is often about one's spouse, but it can also include children, those living with the legislator or "anyone receiving income for the benefit of the legislator."



Legislator Relationships

Other disclosures required of legislators concern the relationships they have with others. Click below to view 50 state data on state connections.