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Getting the Lead Out

More than 4 million children live in homes with some kind of lead hazard. The federal’s government’s ban on lead, along with aggressive state efforts, has decreased kids’ exposure risk, but inattention to the lead threat can put whole communities of children in danger. Just ask the parents in Flint, Mich.


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State Rainwater Harvesting Laws

Record droughts and water supply worries are pushing state lawmakers to consider legislation allowing or encouraging the collection of rainwater for indoor and outdoor use. Read more on the updated research.

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Unregulated Drinking Water

Although 89.5 percent of U.S. drinking water comes from public water systems governed by the federal Safe Drinking Water Act, what remains comes from unregulated sources.


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2018 Infrastructure Resources

To assist states in researching and assessing infrastructure policy options, NCSL's Infrastructure Resources include existing NCSL resources covering transportation, energy, environment and military infrastructure.