STGWG Fall Meeting-Nashville, Tenn.


Meeting Information

The State and Tribal Government Working Group (STGWG) held its fall meeting in Nashville, Tenn. on Nov. 19, 2019. The meeting was held in conjunction with five other intergovernmental groups’ meetings and the larger Intergovernmental Meeting with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), which took place Nov. 20-21. STGWG continues to focus on the three priorities of long-term stewardship (LTS), natural resource damage assessment and restoration (NRDAR) and tribal issues.

STGWG members had the opportunity to interact with DOE officials for headquarters and field offices. They also met with members of the Energy Communities Alliance, the Environmental Council of the States, National Association of Attorneys General, National Governors Association's Federal Facilities Task Force, and NCSL’s Nuclear Legislative Working Group (NLWG) during the Intergovernmental meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to provide opportunities for increased communication and coordination with the DOE and among states, tribes and local communities affected by the cleanup of the nuclear weapons complex. 

STGWG Fall Meeting Agenda Overview 

STGWG members came together for a closed Tribal Executive Session, closed State Executive Session and STGWG Business Meeting in the morning. State and tribal representatives prepared for discussions with DOE officials from headquarters and field offices and discussed working group priorities and recent activities. STGWG members were joined by DOE officials in the late morning for sessions on LTS and other priorities. The DOE Office of Environmental Management (EM) held a Tribal Leader Dialogue in the afternoon. 

Agenda and Presentations

EM Program Priorities

Opening Statement on DOE Working Groups
  • Brandt Petrasek, DOE-STGWG lead; director of Tribal Affairs, EM 
Overview of STGWG Priorities and Current Efforts
  • Debbie Duren, STGWG state co-convener; Tennessee 
  • Raymond Martinez, STGWG tribal co-convener; Pueblo de San Ildefonso
Remarks from EM Leadership 
  • William Ike White, senior advisor for EM
  • Betsy Connell, associate principal deputy assistant secretary for Regulatory and Policy Affairs, EM 
  • Jeff Griffin, associate principal deputy assistant secretary for Field Operations, EM 

Open Dialogue With Senior Officials and Site Management

NNSA Planning for and Implementation of LTS

Introduction by STGWG LTS Committee Co-Chair

Peter Chestnut, Pueblo de San Ildefonso    

Overview of DOE Headquarters Actions Related to LTS 
  • Jim McConnell, associate administrator for Safety, Infrastructure and Operations, NNSA | Presentation

Institutionalizing Stewardship for Future Generations

At the spring 2019 meeting, EM leadership suggested site conversations as a path forward to address recommendations in STGWG’s “Closure for the Seventh Generation” report. This session provided an opportunity to follow up on current and near-term discussions to address recommendations, share best practices among sites, and formalize policies and approaches.

LM Engagement With EM Cleanup Sites and Planning for Site Transitions
Moving Forward at DOE Headquarters and Field Offices to Enhance Stewardship Planning and Best Practices  
  • Alexandra Gilliland, public participation specialist, EM
  • Jay Mullis, manager, Oak Ridge, EM 
Open Discussion on Path Forward, including Establishing and Maintaining Site-level Dialogues and Addressing Report Recommendations 

Tribal Leader Dialogue With DOE Senior Officials  

Tribal Leader Dialogues are high-level conversations between senior DOE decision-makers, including headquarters leadership and site managers, and tribal policy/elected leaders and officials. Through the STGWG process, this dialogue is designed for DOE to listen and understand tribal interests related to STEM/workforce, stewardship, and enhanced government-to-government relations.

Opening Comments 
  • Brandt Petrasek, DOE-STGWG lead; director of Tribal Programs, EM
  • Raymond Martinez, STGWG tribal co-convener; Pueblo de San Ildefonso
Brief Remarks From DOE Senior Officials 
  • William Ike White, senior advisor for EM
  • Jim McConnell, associate administrator for Safety, Infrastructure and Operations, NNSA 
  • Madeline Lefton, senior advisor, DOE Office of Nuclear Energy 
Brief Remarks From Tribal Leadership 
  • Richard Arnold, chairman, Pahrump Paiute Tribe; spokesperson, Consolidated Group of Tribes and Organizations 
  • Aaron Ashley, board of trustees member, CTUIR
  • John Galvan, first lieutenant governor, Jemez Pueblo 
  • Casey Mitchell, Tribal Executive Committee treasurer, Nez Perce Tribe 
  • Raymond Martinez, tribal councilmember, San Ildefonso Pueblo 
  • Charles Suazo, lieutenant governor, Santa Clara Pueblo 
  • Ladd Edmo, Fort Hall Business Council chairman, Shoshone-Bannock Tribes 
  • Rex Buck, Jr., tribal elder, Wanapum
  • Dana Miller, tribal councilmember, Yakama Nation 

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