Restoring and Protecting Wetlands: State Policy Options


  • What Are Wetlands?
  • Wetland Benefits
  • Mitigation Approaches
  • Mitigation Policies
  • Water Quality Standards
  • Section 401 Certification
  • State Permits
  • Local Government Planning and Management
  • Financial Incentive-Based Programs
  • Conclusion

wetlandsAugust 2011

By Larry Morandi

Wetlands provide critical habitat for fish and wildlife, water quality protection, flood control, groundwater recharge and recreation benefits. They have been declining in many states, however, because pollutant discharges and development activities often are unmanaged, which can cause wetlands to be drained or filled. This policy brief suggests state policy options that have the greatest potential to restore, enhance and create wetlands. It focuses on legislative approaches—both regulatory and incentive-based measures—but also recognizes that legislation may not be necessary to adopt and implement the options.


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Restoring and Protecting Wetlands (8-page document)